Unemployment numbers worse than projected

How much worse? This much worse.

The blue lines are Obama’s projected unemployment numbers with and without his $775 billion stimulus. The red triangles are actual employment numbers.

The actual numbers aren’t just worse than the rosy picture Obama painted for a world after his magical stimulus took effect. They’re worse even than the doomsday scenario he outlined if Congress didn’t pass his stimulus plan.

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  1. Rustmeister says:

    I’m wondering if the stimulus plan of extending unemployment insurance payments was a wise move.

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  3. Henry Cinque says:

    “Unemployment” is neocon code for “black.” You are a racist bigot.

  4. BM says:

    Of course it’s worse. The recovery plan is in fact exactly the wrong thing to do. The worst economic downturn we’ve ever had was in 1920-1921. Prices declined most, stock market dropped the most, production dropped the most. The governments response was to do nothing except cut spending. The entire depression (a recession with falling prices) lasted 18 months.

    Oh, and BTW, periods of deflation were characterized by extreme positive growth more often than not, so the classification of recession vs. depression is based on not how extreme but on direction of price, a unimportant factor.

  5. Arty says:

    Henry, when making that kind of over-the-top accusation you have to word it so that it makes your target look ridiculous, not yourself. Keep trying though, we don’t care.

  6. Bird says:


    I think Henry is being sarcastic.

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  8. Scott says:

    More people on unemployment means more people who are likely to vote for those who propose extending unemployment benefits. I guess those were UN-intended consequences?

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  9. subrot0 says:

    Wait its only been 100 days of his awesome coolness. The St. Barack has yet to wave his magic hand or wand to make all of this go away. Or blame it on Bush/Cheney or the tea party folks or the fact that the American people didn’t understand his nuanced strategy of stimulus/growth and the wonderfulness of it all.

  10. Coyote says:

    We all know how they’ll spin it: “the unemployment numbers would have been twice as high if not for the stimulus.” No way to prove it, but no way to disprove it either. It’s like the “Obama’s plan will create OR SAVE millions of jobs” b.s. As long as millions of people still have jobs, Obama can claim that he “saved” them. Reality doesn’t matter; it’s all about perceptions, and Obama and Axelrod (his puppet master), with the complicity of the Kool-Aid swilling MSM, know how to spin to create the perceptions they want.

  11. Saint Patton says:

    “Unemployment” is neocon code for “black.” You are a racist bigot.

    Odd…saw this exact same comment on a different site. Ok, maybe not so odd.

  12. WTF Capital Investments says:

    Henry’s comment is Ace of Spades HQ sarcasm. This chart has been posted at that blog since Monday.

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  14. Jim Hogue says:

    If the best fear mongerers in the White House can’t exaggerate better than reality, then they need to hire better fear mongers.

  15. corrector says:

    Sadly, it’s even worse than you believe.

    The numbers you are citing are only the initially released numbers – which as every government hack knows – aren’t the real numbers.

    The real numbers will be revised upwards 30 days from now and quietly released after nobody is paying any attention.

    The revised numbers so far for every month since Obama was elected on November 4, 2008 are typically 25% higher than the initially-released numbers.

    Unemployment is RAMPANT and it is employers who are threatening the economy by firing customers.

  16. Nick Danger says:

    And as President Awesome would say: That was the point! Hope you don’t mind…SUCKERS!!!


    I realized in November 2008 52% of the electorate is profoundly naive. And willing participants in a cult of personality.

  17. mac says:

    52% of America made a horrible mistake in November. 100% of America gets to pay for it. This is going to get one Hell of a lot worse before it gets better. If Obama truly hated America (and I’m not at all certain that isn’t the case), he couldn’t have done any worse than he already has. By the time he’s out he’ll be considered the worst president in U.S. history, and quite deservedly so.

  18. Nancy says:

    In his Feb 7th radio address, Obama expressed the urgency of getting his stimulus plan passed. If not passed millions of people would lose their homes, jobs and healthcare. This was the only way to save the average American family.

    Two weeks ago (month of May) my company cut 200+ jobs, in addition to 400+ people sent into early retirement, and temporary lay-offs.

    So much for that urgency…

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  20. Joe says:

    Why would you use a triangle? At what point in the triangle is the unemployment rate at? That is the dumbest way to plot specific points.

  21. Fred says:

    Apparently you haven’t got thye memo.The other wingnuts are saying the economy is recovering,therefore the stimulus is not needed.

    You guys usually have your bullshit better coordinated than this.

  22. advice says:

    it’s not clear exactly where the data points are with those big triangles. And it would be nice if the graph actually got larger when clicked on. Bigger graph, smaller triangles.

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  26. Simonm says:

    One hopes the data points are the centres of the triangles, but I instinctively distrust graphs with unnecessary false normals. The other issue is the error. Given other commentators have mention the figures get revised, there must be an error range – what is it?

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