Sugar’s Ribs BBQ in Chattanooga, TN

I had seen the sign off the interstate for Sugar’s Ribs, so on the way back from Manchester I stopped in Chattanooga to get BBQ for the family.

When I got to the counter I met the lady above. I had to ask. “Are you Sugar?” The answer: “Honey, there ain’t no Sugar. She fictional. Caucasians own this place.”

I’m usually not a fan of BBQ chicken, but Sugar’s is unusually good. They cook their chicken on a broiler that uses ceramic wicks. The brisket was also good, but the whole pork was just OK. Give me pulled pork any day.

Sauces are Classic, tomatoey Tennessee Sweet and Goopy, Mustard, a red pepper and vinegar Carolina, a habeneros and vinegar sauce they call Clearly Hot, and a hot green sauce.

The potato salad is out of this world. It has seeds that I thought might be carraway seed, but the cook says they use celery seed and dill seed. Like a lot of good BBQ joints, Sugar’s has both vinegar slaw and mayonnaise slaw. I liked their vinegar slaw better, but I always like the vinegar better.

That’s the end of the food review. Pictures follow. Sugar’s is on a hill, and hills are hard to mow. That’s why they have an all-goat mowing squad:

The second story porch has a view of Chattanooga:

7 Responses to Sugar’s Ribs BBQ in Chattanooga, TN

  1. countertop says:

    Thats ashame that there is no Sugar. We drive past there all the time, and always tell ourselves we want to stop off. The desire is less so know, especially since there is so much good BBQ in the area.

    FWIW, if you had continued up on Missionary Ridge, its got great views of Chattanooga and gorgeous old homes. And the Battlefield Park there is neat too. We’ve come pretty close to purchasing a house up there a couple of times, and I suspect when I finally leave DC for good thats where we will end up.

  2. Les Jones says:

    Well, it’s sorta like finding out there’s no Betty Crocker. The food tastes the same. Sugar’s is worth a stop for the potato salad alone.

    Thanks for the tip about Missionary Ridge. I’ll take a drive up there next time.

  3. Kyle Bubp says:

    Whatcha drinkin’?


  4. Les Jones says:

    Newcastle Brown Ale, as I recall. One of my faves.



  6. BeckylikesPie says:

    whoever cooked my chicken can slap on a “Sugar” name tag because they’re genius! I went back for more a week ago and tried the ribs- one word: amazing! you haven’t had BBQ until you’ve had it here. and i agree- the potato salad is unbelievable. I’ll have to try that Pork Sandwich though, sounds good!

  7. CRAZYMOM says:

    Once you try Sugar’s you’ll have to stop every time you visit Chattanooga. I haven’t had anything bad ever. The kids love the free juke box.