Stuff Knoxville People Like: Waffle House


In Knoxville we laugh at cities whose Waffle Houses are more than 30 feet apart.



PS – In comments at SayUncle’s: “So to Knoxville, Waffle House is like Starbucks is to Manhattan?” Pretty much.

6 Responses to Stuff Knoxville People Like: Waffle House

  1. countertop says:

    Mmmmm, waffle house!!!

  2. dagamore says:

    You would think that the big billboard would tell you they have WAFFLES! or something like that. I know i never went to WAFFLE HOUSE for steaks, but thats just me.

  3. Gnightgirl says:

    WAFFLE HOUSE! Smothered, covered, brothers, bluvered, we say…because we don’t have them here, and we loooooves a waffle house.

    When we drive down to GA to see my son, I hold on for breakfast until we get to Paducah, Kentucky. The last trip we made, just for giggles, we counted all the Waffle Houses between here and Columbus GA.

    That, and dead tires along the side of the road. I think Waffle House won.

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