Double Barrel Pump Shotgun, Moe Szyslak-style

The Remington 1740, a 12 gauge, double-barreled, pump action shotgun. Made by fusing a left-ejecting Remington 870 to a right-ejecting Remington 870. I shit you not.


Here’s a video of the 1740 in action. The first shot is a volley firing both barrels:


63 Responses to Double Barrel Pump Shotgun, Moe Szyslak-style

  1. Jay G says:


  2. Paul Simer says:

    Sweet fancy Moses!

    (Where’s the pistol grip version?)

  3. Mushy says:

    Just way too cool and just about loud and powerful enough!

  4. Cowboy Blob says:

    No bayonet lug?

  5. Les Jones says:

    Yeah, if he had posted that on arfcom they would have wondered why it didn’t have a rail and an optic.

  6. JAM says:

    Yes Please 🙂

  7. dave says:

    Love the recoil of the first shot!

  8. Matt says:

    There is another video of this gun in use on the Brazosland Pistoleros web site (USPSA Shooting Club).

    Scroll down to the videos…

  9. 3vilX says:

    Now if only he could get the trigger to work like a standard double barrel…

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  11. lawrence says:

    oh my god. coolest thing i hav ever seen. im makin one. all i hav to do is get the left hand model. any sugestions on how to mate the recievers together?

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  13. PBSHLP says:

    Zombies beware…

  14. Skorpyo says:

    Beautiful, so damn beautiful…

  15. Jerry says:

    Aw, come on. Stoeger coach gun. If you need a repeater, your hangin’ with the wrong crowd.


  16. dave says:

    I sent my friend a link to this website, when he visited this site he got a barrage of pop up windows. Do you have any idea why this would happen?

  17. Jack Cyrus says:

    Outstanding! You guys sure have the guts to build this weapon.

  18. Steve C. says:

    Lord have mercy!! I wanna git me sum!!

  19. JJ says:

    fun to hunt with that hehehe

  20. Penis says:

    Cool…..but no hearing protection?????? Not too bright.

  21. Likwid says:

    wonder what that would do to a person, especially the first shot he fired.

  22. Sesqepedoctopus says:

    mod that sucker into Left 4 Dead
    let a tanker eat some lead

  23. Tmack says:

    I always dreamed about that except in a short barrel version.
    Hats off to this guy for doing it first.(Probably not the first, but he made it public first so he gets credit)
    Okay, mossberg 500 parkerized, sawd off version.
    Hand gripe too.
    See it soon?!?!

  24. LeMelon says:

    That’s awesome!

    (Shame it would be illegal for me to have one…)

  25. Jhon F. says:

    i’ll can, by my self, kill alive people with that thing?

  26. countertop says:

    I got no idea how I missed this the first time, but here’s a question for you . . .

    when duck hunting, your only allowed to have 3 shells in your gun at a time. If you use this, does it count as one or two guns (ie: can you carry 6 rounds – 3 in each half – or can you put two rounds in one and one round in the other??)

  27. bob r says:

    “If you use this, does it count as one or two guns …”

    If it doesn’t count as _two_ guns then it would probably count as one machine gun: it did fire two rounds with what appeared to be one actuation of the trigger.

  28. sparker911 says:

    Dear Santa…Forget the Pony, I want this!

    sparker911´s last blog post..Michelle: "He Hasn’t Done Anything Yet"

  29. Les Jones says:

    bobr: it has two triggers. It only fires two rounds if you pull both triggers. If that was the definition of a machine gun every double barrel shotgun with two triggers would meet the definition.

  30. dale says:

    Damn… I am going to have to say I am sorry, to a buddy of mine. For telling “him he was full of Shit”, when he told me that he dad had a Double barrel “pump” shotgun. I said they did not make such a thing. Damn,Damn, and Damn. But it is to coooooool.

    dale´s last blog post..ImagePoint news recap

  31. Diesel says:

    Love the Simpson’s reference.

  32. Pete says:

    looks pretty simple actually. just bolted the two guns together through the trigger assembly pins. you should look into making a custom stock for it so you dont have a pistol grip one one and a common stock on the other. the triggers are lined up so it can still be actuated like a standard double barrel. good work. and btw – it would be counted as one gun but would still only be able to hold 3 rounds. in ohio you can only hunt with one gun at a time. im guessing most other states are the same way.

  33. Pete says:

    machine gun? no possible way could a shotgun be considered a machine gun. a shotgun will always be a shotgun. Even if its full auto its still a shotgun.

    speaking of fully auto shotguns – the AA12. best one out there.

  34. wheel says:

    Why wouldn’t a full-auto firearm that fires more than one round from a single trigger pull not be considered a machinegun?? You are fooling yourself. Doesn’t matter if it shoots a single bullet or several, auto is auto.

  35. Ryan says:

    Wouldn’t two Ithicas be better? They eject down instead of to the side. It just seems to me that would work better…

  36. Les Jones says:

    Ryan: Maybe. But if you’ve got an 870 and the idea strikes your fancy then you use the 870 is my guess.

  37. Tarvaris Percy Peterson says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Derel Wayne says:

    It is about time some one did some thing with the left handed shoot guns in the pawen shops . COOL.

  39. nick :(blind raging): says:

    who cares if its considered a machine gun or if its one or two guns?!!!!! itl keep the bad people away. this work of art is every rednecks dream!!! get the hell off my porch ya damn communist! haha what a friggin beast.

  40. mann728 says:

    Welldone!! Outstanding – this man deserves an award- has to be heavy though?

  41. David says:


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  44. Thomas says:

    Hey, there is the same weapon in the old Playstation game Quake 2. Wow it looks powerful. Maybe thats why ain’t no police, no army and no something use it : too much mighty. (well in fact I don’t know truly because I’m french and Idon’t live in America)

  45. UrshotgunisGAY says:

    I gaurantee a dude armed with a single 870 would shoot circles around u with that peice of shit on the range in the field or in a tactical situation! Uve disgraced urself, but I bet ur boyfriend was so proud of u he blew u for a month straight!

  46. UrWifeDoublesUp2 says:

    Does ur wife suck two dongs at once? If so can u post pics of that? A photo of 2 dicks would be alot less gay than this!

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  48. Bubba says:

    where do you buy one?

  49. orlando says:

    thats fucking stupid and impractical. i give it points for looking cool nstuff, but ya, its gay.

  50. lobomcguieee says:

    if i made such a ‘contraption’ the i would fashion some sort of pistol grip for the slide (the bit you pull back) it would make reloading go alot smoother

  51. Humanoid says:

    Hey Pete! Pretty certain, all guns,are machine guns…Being that all guns are MACHINES! SMARTEN THE FUCK UP SIMPLETON!!!!

  52. Pete says:

    I’m impressed you took the time to write such a stupid response humanoid.. Should have thought a little harder before you started typing. You obviously have no clue about firearms, their classifications, or common terms used to describe them. Way to try to be smart instead of enjoying a stupid video.

  53. Pete says:

    And to settle the question, in my and others opinions it is now one gun. Doesn’t matter how many barrels, pins, or triggers. If the opposite was true, a mini gun, a revolver, or any standard AAC naval firearm would be considered more than one gun. Once your apparatus is able to be held in a standard firing position, or held together as a complete, it becomes a single firearm regardless. But that’s my opinion based on what I know as fact. I’d be interested to hear any other opinions.

  54. Pete says:

    And it’s not auto either. An automatic, machine, auto-loading firearm is not this. This gun fires two rounds that are manually fed into the chamber with the pump. Any automatic firearm is just that. Automatic. Just because you strap two guns together doesn’t make it automatic. And I’m getting called a simpleton:)

  55. Pete says:

    Blah blah never should have hit the ‘notify me of other posts’ button.. Watched this video like a year ago n it keeps showing up for me to be annoyed with.

  56. Pete says:

    I don’t even know who Les jones is.

  57. IntoxicWeed says:

    A machine gun is a full automatic mounted or portable firearm, usually designed to fire bullets in quick succession from an ammunition belt or large-capacity magazine, typically at a rate of several hundred rounds per minute.
    -This shotgun is neither just a shotgun.-
    A assault rifle firearm must have at least the following characteristics to be considered an assault rifle..
    1.)It must be an individual weapon with provision to fire from the shoulder (i.e. a buttstock)
    2.)It must be capable of selective fire
    3.)It must have an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle
    4.)Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable magazine.
    5.)And it should at least have a firing range of 300 meters

    This weapon has none of the above listed it is simply a SHOTGUN! Not a machine gun and not a assault rifle. SHOTGUN. This is for all who says this SHOTGUN is something else besides a SHOTGUN.

  58. Some crazy guy says:

    OMG… your first shot had SOME recoil.

  59. ... says:

    Wonder if this would work with two Brownings. They bottom eject so it might work better, same with the Ithaca.

  60. John says:

    Where can I get one,and how much?

  61. corey caffeine says:

    why? because fuck zombies!

  62. Tony says:

    Can you send me your info on how you made this the whole works ?

  63. Argyle Devil says:

    YOU ARE MY HERO. I love fabricating and making new things and this is absolutely awesome. I wanna make one now.