Flashlight-a-holics, Meet YouTube. YouTube, Meet Flashlight-a-holics

A Maglite is a gateway drug to a serious flashlight addiction. Surefires, Streamlights and Fenixes are the hard stuff. I’ve got one of each now and I’m still looking for the perfect light.

My perfect every day carry flashlight de jeur would have a CREE LED bulb which is the most efficient thing going. It would use AA batteries for easy availability and the option to use Lithium AAs for higher output. It would have a tailcap switch for better ergonomics. Finally, because today’s high output LEDs are too bright at full power for some applications it would offer at least two light levels – high and low.

I thought this Fenix L2D CE Q5 was the light for me, but the tailcap switch is too sensitive and the body isn’t grippy enough. On the plus side it meets my other requirements and the light output of the CREE is amazing – even better than the Surefire E2D but with twice the battery life on high. (Want the Fenix? Make me an offer.)

The Internet has a new way to enable our madness. People these days are posting flashlight videos to YouTube.

These next videos are all from glowgadgets, AKA Doc from glowgadgets.co.uk. He’s a genius at using YouTube for promotion.

Doc’s first video shows just how far behind Maglite has fallen compared to the little LED lights that fit in your pocket and run forever.

Doc Speaks Out! This guy really makes me want to buy something from him.

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12 Responses to Flashlight-a-holics, Meet YouTube. YouTube, Meet Flashlight-a-holics

  1. Linoge says:

    Oh for the love of…

    A long while back, after breaking two of them and never really being impressed with their output, I decided MagLights were not worth it. A few years ago, I stumbled across Inova flashlights, and after doing a little shopping around, I snagged an X5.

    I have since been thoroughly impressed with the build quality, output, endurance, and durability, but it was not quite the perfect light. For one, the light it puts out tends to diffuse quickly due to a lack of reflector, and over about 20 feet away, it starts being not-quite-useful. The other gripe, which is unfortunately significant, is that you can either twist it on, or hold down the momentary-on pushbutton, but there is no push-and-let-go-but-it-stays-on button. Kind of annoying.

    Well, my solution arrived today, in the form of a Surefire 6P Defender. And now you start writing about shinier and better darksuckers?

    My credit card hates you.

  2. Les Jones says:

    “My credit card hates you.”

    Better stop reading before you get to the posts where I blog about guns and cameras. 😉

    That Surefire will definitely have the reach the Inova lacked. You may miss the battery life of the Inova, though. Decisions, decisions.

  3. jaymaster says:

    I’ll give you $40 for your fenix. Email me if you’re interested!

  4. Sigivald says:

    Not grippy enough?

    Easily fixed with gaffer’s tape, silicone tool wrap, liquid tool-dip, or various other things, to meet whatever standard of gripitude you like.

    Some things (battery, switch, overall formfactor, etc) are difficult or impossible to remedy oneself, in a useful manner, and are thus vitally important to get right in the first place.

    Gripiness, well, that’s easily fixed post-facto.

  5. Seerak says:

    Hi Les, followd the link here from Instapundit. Have you been to Candle Power Forums by any chance? Those are some hard core flashohalics; a few of them have reconditioned tank lights (tank as in army) and one even has a WWII vintage spotlight. They have homebrew Mag mods that can set things on fire.

    It’s a great resource when you are looking for something very specific, flashlight-wise.

    But lurk a bit first; they’ll be all over you for calling the Cree emitter a “bulb” 😉

  6. Les Jones says:

    Seerak: Tape might help. The Fenix L2d would be better with more diamond checkering, but part of it is structural: the main tube is really long with nothing sticking out for your fingers to catch on. It needs a ring or some such.

    Seerak: I’ve lurked a bit at CPF. I didn’t know about the emitter vs. bulb thing. It sounds like that’s the flashlight forum equivalent of the clip vs. magazine gaffe on gun forums. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Seerak says:

    It sounds like that’s the flashlight forum equivalent of the clip vs. magazine gaffe on gun forums.

    That’s about right — not surprising, especially considering that it’s some of the same people in both cases 😉

    That being said, please don’t be put off by that, the CPF folks aren’t a snooty bunch. I have found a lot of knowledgeable and helpful folks there, in particular electronics geeks for circuit and battery questions.

  8. Patrick Carroll says:

    The entire time I was watching Doc, all I could think was “That’s Male Bubble!” You know, “Bubble” from “Absolutely Fabulous”.

    I have to buy someting from the guy, just to keep the videos coming.

  9. Les Jones says:

    jaymaster: I’ll shoot you an email.

  10. Linoge says:

    Yeah… 60-minute run-time off two of those 3V batteries is kind of disappointing. The good news, however, is that Surefire now offers an LED replacement for the xenon bulb, creating an output increase of 15 lumens, and a battery life increase of 10-or-so hours.

    And, hey, it is “only” $30ish…

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  12. i prefer to use soft touch light switches because they last longer***