Jimmy Carter Killed his Sister-in-law’s Cat?

From a recently-discovered letter Jimmy Carter sent to his sister-in-law.


To Sybil,

Lamentably, I killed your cat while trying just to sting it. It was crouched, as usual, under one of our bird feeders & I fired from some distance with bird shot. It may ease your grief somewhat to know that the cat was buried properly with a prayer & that I’ll be glad to get you another of your choice.

I called & came by your house several times. We will be in the Dominican Republic until Thursday. I’ll see you then.

Love, Jimmy

I got my twelve gauge sawed off.
I got my porch light turned off.
I’m ’bout to bust some shots off.
I’m ’bout to dust a kitty off.

Uhn. Cat killer.

4 Responses to Jimmy Carter Killed his Sister-in-law’s Cat?

  1. Mushy says:

    Oh, I like him a little better knowing that!

  2. Catz says:

    We iz revenging on Jimmy Carter: http://lolcarter.com

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  4. Tom says:

    A fan of Ice T? Never imagined.