YouTube, Meet Bullshit Artist. Bullshit Artist, Meet YouTube.

First, watch Aleksey Vayner’s video resume, above. Among the claims he’s made in the video and elsewhere:

  • Can serve a 140 mph tennisball and lift 915 pounds.
  • Is the second greatest martial artist in the world.
  • Received a letter of recommendation to Yale from the Dalai Lama.
  • Was tennis pro to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Harrison Ford.
  • Served simultaneously in the Greek Mafia and the CIA.

Then read IvyGate Blog’s dissection of his fraud. Dude lied about starting an investment company, lied about starting a charity, plagiarized a book about the Holocaust and sold it on, and much more. Yale’s Daily News is now on the story.

Bonus! – Vayner sent IvyGate Blog a cease and desist letter ostensibly from his attorney. It turned out to have been copied from the first hit on a Google search for cease and desist letter. Mmm… That’s good schadenfreude!

Failure is not an option bonus! – Ace is running an Aleskey Vayner motivational poster contest. I like this one.

P.S. YouTube yanked the video, so I’m using Veoh, which is exactly the same thing.

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