Russ Whitney Coming to Knoxville

I saw ads on television for Russ Whitney seminars in Knoxville this month. Whitney is a self-styled real estate guru who sells real estate seminars and training materials.

If you’re considering one of his seminars, I encourage you to read this post about his activities. Whitney’s lawyers sent me a threatening letter telling me to take down that post. I declined, which means you can still read it. That 2003 post still gets comments from former Whitney clients, and you’ll likely find those comments enlightening.

One Response to Russ Whitney Coming to Knoxville

  1. Addison says:

    I was about to comment, and point to Reed’s website.

    I will say I was unhappy with how Reed treated his readers after the settlement – after asking for help, repeatedly – and then strike the record, as it was, considering the people helping and the pressure of all the eyeballs to be worthless.

    (and if you note, your links to the pages under Reed’s website are dead now).

    Not that this in any way makes his negative rating of Whitney less true, but it sure wasn’t a a good indication of any sort of integrity by Reed.