Goofy Trips To-Do List

10A03C-smaller.jpgGoofy trips are what Melissa and I call little day trips and weekend trips within a couple hours of Knoxville. When we first moved in together we made a list of different things we wanted to do. Some of them were things neither of us had done and some of them one of us had done, but we wanted to do them together.

With a long weekend coming up we’ve been thinking about goofy trips. I used to keep this list in Excel on my computer, but I’m moving it to the blog. This is the list we’ll look at when we have a free weekend day and need something to do.

Things To Do

All cities are in Tennessee unless they’re not.

Trip Reports and Pictures

Some of these were on the list, too.

Links to some other things we did on our list:

– Knoxville homes tour at Christmastime
Foothills Fall Festival in Maryville
– Teddy’s play
Palace Theater concert in Maryville
– Turkey dinner in Georgia
Etowah antiques shopping
– Valleyfest Film Festival (now defunct)
Pleasant Hill, Kentucky Shaker Village
– Crossville/Muddy Pond
Steve Kaufman Guitar Camp Concerts at Maryville College

4 Responses to Goofy Trips To-Do List

  1. chris granju says:

    FWIW, I would put a recommendation in to add the Jefferson Co. Fair (usually at the end of July/early August)…it’s a great county fair that’s more like what you would *want* the TVA&I fair to be. Great demolition derby(s) too!

  2. Les Jones says:

    Cool. See – this is why I posted the list here.

    I’m a fan of demolition derbies, too. Melissa had never been to one, and she really liked it.

  3. Frank Murphy says:

    Here are a few (mostly food related) things that I can recommend:

    Jack Daniels BBQ contest (October):

    World Chicken Festival (September):

    RC & MoonPie Festival (June):

    Mayfield Dairy Tour

    Weekly Comedy Improv Show:

  4. Les Jones says:

    Thanks, Frank. We looked at that Mayfield tour, only this is the one weekend of the year they don’t run it. But it’s definitely on our short list now. We may combine that with a raft trip down the Ocoee.

    And Einstein Simplifed is on our mental list. This week is Melissa’s last week of summer term, so we’ll be free to go after that.