Responding to Some of My Threatening Email

From autoglock on 14 Jun 2005:

> Hello,
> I personally want/inquiry you to close the following post:
> That post discloses the whole information about one of our employees at
> and his full address, the whole board has been reported to
> Interpol/FBI to prevent people from posting his full address on the
> internet and also to investigate debit/credit card fraud.
> We CANNOT be held to missing/lost/seized Class III firearms in the
> United States, the rest of the people outside the US is getting theirs
> properly.
> I would appreciate it if you simply delete this post to prevent me from
> taking legal actions.
> Truly yours,

I’ve deleted the comment with the address, just because that’s inappropriate. As far as legal action, all legal matters should be sent to my pre-paid legal counsel. I can provide his contact information if you so desire, but you are not the first person to threaten me with legal action, and the other guys who did actually had their lawyers send me written notice. Email notices are bullshit and we both know it.

Also refer to my terms and conditions:

Violations of these terms could cause you to be subject to penalties of one (1) million dollars.

UPDATE: I added those Terms of Use after receiving a threatening letter from Russ Whitney’s lawyers for this post. Deb at SugarFused linked to that post as part of a Rocky Top Brigade Tailgate Party, and she got a threatening letter as well. That was over a year ago, and Whitney’s lawyers have never taken any action against me or Deb, despite their ongoing legal battles with John T. Reed.

3 Responses to Responding to Some of My Threatening Email

  1. Dave Justus says:

    I don’t get people like this. Why start with the threats when you can probibly get more mileage out of a polite request coupled with the reasons you think something is unfair/inappropriate.

    You can always move to threatening legal action if your initial request is rebuffed.

  2. Les Jones says:

    Yeah, that’s been my approach when people have stolen copyrighted material. I just shoot them an email and say “that’s mine, here’s the original URL, please take it down” and it’s always worked.

  3. Les –

    You’d think that if they were going to threaten you properly that they would at least use some legal grounds or such advanced writing skills as full, complete sentences and proper punctuation. What you need is a former POW/attorney to handle threats, as we had at NRA HQ. In those cases, they may threaten once, but they won’t threaten again.