Carnival of Cordite #14

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Carnival of Cordite.

Peter White at the Revolutionary War Veterans Association blog has the schedule for the Memorial Day Extravaganza in Ramseur, North Carolina.

Yosemite Sam at The Ten Ring looks at anti-gun bias in the media, and in particular the anti-NRA stance at the Houston Chronicle.

SayUncle speculates on what the military might use for a semi-auto sniper rifle. He also expands on what he’s dubbed Ravenwood’s Law: “As a discussion about guns grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Dodge City or the Wild West approaches one.”

Analog Kid tried to upgrade his SKS to 20 round magazines and had a bad time. That’s consistent with what I’ve heard about after-market SKS mags. The best advice I ever got about the SKS was to appreciate it for what it is rather than spending a lot of time and money trying to turn it into something else.

The Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog tracks the under-reported stories of the defensive use of guns. Cabinboy sends in this story of an Oklahoma City woman who shot a home intruder who asked to use the phone and then tried to force his way in. The intruder is a two-time ex-convict.

Gunner notes that if Carolyn McCarthy’s bill – allowing the right to keep and bear arms to be taken away for foreign convictions exceeding one year in prison – had gone through, you could lose your right to own a gun if you gossiped in Colombia, which carries a maximum sentence of four years.

usp45compact.jpgLike the .45? Like the 1911? So does Anarchangel. This week he offers his thoughts on which of the competitors is the second best .45 auto. He also talks about his ideal 1911.

Jeff Soyer’s Weekly Check on the Bias focuses on Condi Rice’s recent statements of support for gun rights.

Kim du Toit has his report from Boomershoot 2005.

John Ross’s sage thoughts on concealed carry. “My definition of the difference between preparation and paranoia is the degree of disruption of your life in comparison to the likelihood of the threat.”

Head, always the go-to guy for information about Communist bloc firearms, wrote a feature-length post on the Romanian PSL.

James Rummel keeps his eyes open for guns when he’s in front of the tube. Check his posts on Guns of Battlestar Galactica (the new series on the Sci-Fi channel) and TV Guns.

Barry at Model 29 is bloging about efforts to repeal the Wahsington, DC gun ban.

My gun blogging has been pretty minimal these past few weeks what with the trip to BlogNashville and this week’s Star Wars blogging. Browse the Guns category for past articles and Gun Links.


Anthroblology is blogging .50 machine guns on bombers.

Mr. Completely is sponsoring a different kind of postal match.

Discussion of the Week

Here’s a tradition I’d like to start with the Carnival of Cordite. I’d like to ask the host to start a discussion about guns or gun rights in comments.

Here’s this week’s topic. You’ve probably heard the expression “the only thing better than a boat is a friend with a boat.” Which gun would you like to be able to shoot that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself? It might be a gun that’s very expensive, or it might be a gun that you just don’t have any practical use for. To go back to the boat analogy, if your best friend asked you to go shoot his new gun, what would you most hope that gun would be?

To make things a little more interesting, leave off Class III weapons like fully automatic firearms and silencers. My pick is in comments.

Gun Pic of the Week

From Head’s Romanian PSL post. According to Head, even though it looks a lot like a Dragunov, it’s actually a different design and is internally closer to the PRK version of the AK.


Fairfield, Ohio, to Begin Construction on Community Arts Center.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News September 22, 2003 The Journal-News, Hamilton, Ohio Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Sep. 22–FAIRFIELD, Ohio–The dirt will turn today for construction of the Fairfield Community Arts Center. go to web site chaco credit union

Groundbreaking is at 6 p.m. today on the site of the future center on Wessel Drive, located next to CHACO Credit Union in the Village Green.

“This was years and years in the planning,” said Coucilman Jeff Holtegel. “To see it finally get to this point, it’s a terrific day for all of Fairfield.

This is a community center with the emphasis on community.” The $10 million facility is the bookend to the Fairfield branch of the Lane Public Library, Holtegel said. The center is the last city piece for the Village Green — a residential, commercial and civic development in the southwestern quadrant of the Nilles Road, Pleasant Avenue intersection.

The 40,000-square-foot community arts center will be a jewel for the community and a visually complementary piece to the library and amphitheater, said Councilman Mike Snyder.

It will house a 250-seat theater, a two-story gallery, senior’s lounge, children’s activity area, classrooms, a dance and fitness studio, and a large multipurpose room with a balcony overlooking Village Green Park.

“It will have performing arts space, senior citizens space. It really is a multi-use facility and we’re just proud to be able to present it to the community,” Snyder said.

As the city turns dirt on the new arts center, dirt and debris is all that’s left of the former Fairfeld Mall, Kroger property.

The council is scheduled to consider a contract tonight with architects Michael Schuster Associates Inc. to develop a master plan for the site and design the new Fairfield Justice Center facility.

The city purchased the 8.5-acre parcel for $2.8 million last year, and plans to build a 45,000-square-foot facility to house its court and police services. The project calls for a mixed-use development that would include commercial space.

Following the regular meeting, the council is also set to discuss a tax increment financing district at the former Forest Fair Mall.

Arlington, Va.-based Mills Corp., which purchased the 14-year-old mall for $69 million last year, made a request to establish the TIF district.

Construction began in February on renovations and improvements that will total $70 million for the mall, which does business as Cincinnati Mills. The mall is slated to open in Spring 2004.

A TIF district would allow property tax income to go into a fund to finance infrastructure and other public improvements, such as public parking facilities, street improvements, landscaping and detention basins.

The Fairfield City School District was notified in late July that the council was considering an ordinance to establish a TIF district at the mall. Though the district had 45 days to consider the proposal, the city asked the district to waive that period. However, the board of education on Thursday voted to request additional time to reach a more favorable agreement. go to site chaco credit union

“I admire the schools for working the best plan,” Holtegel said. “I admire their patience and their willingness to not take the money and run.” As part of the original proposal, Fairfield schools would receive an upfront cash payment of $600,000. Each year, the district would also receive the remaining amount in the Forest Fair Mall Tax Increment Equivalent Fund, so long as it does not exceed what the district would have received had their been no agreement.

The council meeting is at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 5350 Pleasant Ave. The council-manager briefing follows the meeting in Room 119 of the municipal building.


24 Responses to Carnival of Cordite #14

  1. Les Jones says:

    For the discussion topic (“Which gun would you like to be able to shoot that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself?”) my answer would be the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. It’s heavy, expensive, and impractical compared to a magnum revolver, but it’s a cool gun that I’d love to shoot some time.

  2. countertop says:

    The Desert Eagle is indeed a cool gun, one of the reasons being it fires a .50 caliber round. In that same spirit I would love to shoot one of the big new S&W .50 revolvers.

  3. SayUncle says:

    An NFA registered AR15 lower reciever equipped with an XMG belt fed upper receiver (

    Let’s see, pre-86 registered lower: $15K
    Belt fed upper: $5K
    308 conversion kit: $1K
    Taxes: $2K

    Total: $23K

    Then you have to buy ammo. Geez.

  4. SayUncle says:

    Oops, I broke the rules 🙂

    Complying with rules would be a 50 BMG of any kind.

  5. Thibodeaux says:

    Dang…first I was going to say some kind of machine gun, and then I was going to say a .50 BMG.

    Just call me Mr. Original.

  6. Denise says:

    Okay, I’ll bite on the discussion topic. Like SayUncle, it would have to be a .50 BMG. If I had my complete wish, it would be a Barrett M82A1. It is semi-auto, holds ten-rounds, and costs $7,775.00. I’ve always wanted to shoot a .50 BMG, but I don’t know anyone with one, there are few ranges in my area that allow one to shoot one, and then there’s the money. I did pick up and examine a M82A1 at the NRA Convention. It is a nice piece of technology.

  7. Can I join the “Me Too!” chorus for the Barrett M82A1? ‘Cuz I’d probably never buy one, since I don’t have anywhere to shoot it, and I’m not a good enough shooter to shoot things 1000 yards away even if I did. Unless of course, I’m firing an M242 Bushmaster 25mm from a powered and stabilized gun turret…but that’s another matter.

  8. Marc says:

    Uhh, I was gonna say a .50 BMG but it doesn’t seem so original now.

    How about a fully tuned bench rest gun on one of the benchrest actions like a Stolle or a Nesika Bay. Something that at an indoor range should shoot about .09″ center to center or less at 100 yards.

    Or a 1000 yard benchrest gun at a 1000 yard shooting range.

  9. Cowboy Blob says:

    Add me to the Barrett Boys! If my gunsafe was taller, I’d be tempted.

  10. Mike says:

    Liberator pistol. Always wanted to play with one of those.

    Or maybe one of those cool artillery lugars with the shoulder stock and the snail magazine.

    And a Chicago palm squeezer! What’d that be like?

  11. Time for Cordite

    The Carnival of Cordite is up over at

  12. What’s the name of that new full-auto 12 gauge shotgun the military is getting? Yeah, I KNOW it’s full auto, but this sounds SO cool. 300 rounds a minute. How could you NOT want to shoot it at least once? Maybe not TWICE, however…..

  13. Mark says:

    I’d pick two: a Quigley model Sharps(in .45/110 of course!) and a Barret .50. One I flat couldn’t afford, and the other I don’t normally have access to a range long enough to suit it.

  14. Down and Out

    My friend Percodan and I are going to do some hanging out this weekend. That means the only firearm related thing I can do is read this week’s Carnival of Cordite hosted this week by Les Jones. You should too….

  15. Gullyborg says:

    I’d want to try out any of the super-expensive .50 BMG rifles that I will never be able to afford otherwise!

  16. Carnivals!

    It looks like we have three Carnivals for your weekend reading pleasure! First and foremost, thanks go to Les Jones for stepping up to the firing line to bring us Carnival of Cordite #14.

  17. jesse says:

    I tried out a 20mm Lahti anti-tank rifle at a machine-gun shoot last weekend.

    It was _really_ cool, but I could imagine it would be a real pain to maintain.

    The thing’s over seven feet long, almost 110lbs, and slings a 2000+ grain bullet somewhere around 2600fps.

  18. Alphecca says:

    Carnival of Cordite

    My buddy Les Jones is hosting the latest Carnival of the Cordite. He’s also started a discussion……

  19. Scott Ganz says:

    Since we Californians can’t own AKs or ARs, and since those models are ones we are most likely to salvage during some sort of crisis, I’d love to learn how to use them effectively.

    Stupid state…

  20. Brandon says:

    I’m gonna have to cast my vote for an M60 or a SAW. I have no practical use for fully automatic, but damn, it’s gotta be a great stress reliever.

  21. Good carnival.

    Nitpick: the link on Archangel’s ideal 1911 is wrong, should be


  22. John Daragon says:

    Sort of echoing Jesse, I think it would have to be a 20mm Solothurn. Of course, centrefire semi-autos are illegal here…

  23. Les Jones says:

    Thanks, Stephen. Fixed.

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