Updates on Dave Winer’s Talk

I’ve added updates to the original post on Dave Winer’s “A Respectful Disagreement” session at BlogNashville. Lots of new stuff from Scared Monkeys, Eye on Winer, and Brian Carnell, not to mention the most active participants in the session – Stan Brown, John Cox, and Dave Winer. And a bathroom wall weighs in.

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3 Responses to Updates on Dave Winer’s Talk

  1. Nermous says:

    At first I felt sorry for the guy when everyone at BlogNashville piled on him after the “A Respectful Disagreement” session. But I guess the guy is a professional jerk within the blogosphere and deserves the vitriol. Or maybe he just needs medication? Do you think he staged the whole episode? I’ve seen that possibility suggested.

  2. Les Jones says:

    I thought about it during the talk, but rejected the idea. Considering that Winer hasn’t made that claim in the time sense then, and considering the many accounts of him being a jerk, I think what we saw was just Dave being Dave.

    But, yeah, I think Dave needs medication. 🙂

  3. Nermous says:

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Dave again after looking at his comments addressed to Glenn Reynolds posted today (5/10). His email seems a bit delusional. Perhaps he really does need medication.