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I’ve got some more Gmail invites if anyone needs one. Send an email to les D0T jones at gmail D0T com.

Get out! ; Some ideas for those in your life who don’t just sit on the couch

The Boston Globe (Boston, MA) December 8, 2011 | Christopher Muther It doesn’t matter if the windchill is low enough to give a penguin hypothermia, some people simply refuse to stay inside. These are the individuals who bike to work during blizzards while the rest of us complain that our car seat warmers are too slow to kick into action. If you know one of these outdoorsy types who make the rest of us look like a bunch of pampered princesses, here are a few gift suggestions to help them on their mission of perpetual activity. see here victorinox swiss army

Burton snowboards The Vermont-based company is putting an emphasis on women’s snowboards this season with a handful of new styles. But don’t worry gents, there are still plenty of new boards available for you as well. Prices for these models range from $480-$650. The boards are available at East Coast Alpine, 860 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617- 232-9800, and REI, 401 Park Drive, Boston, 617-236-0746.

Pumagility sneaker from Puma For those of us who prefer to run outside during the summer, and then stick to a treadmill during the winter, Puma just introduced a lightweight, flexible shoe for men and women. The sneakers are available at the Puma store, $85. 333 Newbury St., Boston,, 617-369-7091.

George Guest backpack Local company George Guest elevates the backpack from utilitarian sack to stylish leather and canvas accessory. Its Hillside backpack is available for $265 at Drinkwater’s Cambridge, 2067 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge,, 617-547-2067.

Nahant Chunky Cable Knit Scarf and Oakham Chunky Cable Knit Beanie from Penfield A stylish and coordinated way to fend off winter chill. The scarf is $55, the hat is $30 at Bodega, 6 Clearway St., Boston,, 617-421-1550.

Linus bike It may not be the most practical way to get around during the winter, but come spring, this city bike, inspired by 1950s French cycles, will be much appreciated. Prices range from $449-$849. The brand is sold at Cambridge Bicycle, Superb Bicycle, Wheelworks, and Ashmont Cycles, go to site victorinox swiss army

Anti-Bottle from Vapur The eco-friendly Anti-Bottle stands upright when full and can be flattened and folded when empty. $10 at the Boston Museum of Science, Boston store, 1 Science Park, Boston,, 617-723- 2500.

Mizuno Breath Thermo fleece glove The Japanese company has created a glove that creates heat via a chemical exchange between perspiration and the fabric and the glove. All of which means these futuristic gloves help keep hands warm in extreme cold. The gloves are $20 at the South End Athletic Company, 652 Tremont St., Boston,, 617-391- 0897.

Victorinox Swiss Army winter coats The Swiss know a few things about spending time outside, and being cold. Therefore, these jackets from Victorinox are a safe bet for staying toasty. The men’s down jacket and women’s down puffer are $450 each. Both are available at Victorinox Swiss Army, Copley Place, Boston,, 617-236-4600.

Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials It’s easy to dry out in the cold. The essentials include items such as facial moisturizer and lip balm to avoid wintery lizard skin. $25 at Kiehl’s, 112 Newbury St., Boston, 617-247-1777,

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    Well, Believe it or not, but I have over 300 + Gmail Invites to give out. These were when my accounts got 50 gmail invites (Gmail must of had a good mood then) and I saved the gmail invites to my email folder. If you want it, Please post your comment a…