Washing Pillows

Did you know you can wash pillows? I had no idea. Then again, I never cleaned an oven until I bought a house; I always moved before the oven got dirty.

Sears delivered our spiffy new washer and dryer on Friday, and we’ve been washing everything in the house. (The cats are starting to get nervous.) Then I got the idea to wash our bedroom pillows. I checked the tags, and they had washing instructions. Our pillows are now Sta-Puft puffy and Downy fresh.

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  1. Steve K. says:

    Then again, I never cleaned an oven until I bought a house

    You’re totally misrepresenting the situation. You’re trying to take CREDIT for ACTUAL OVEN CLEANING! But in case you’ve forgotten, I had that oven installed in your house. You, Leslie Lemont Jones, have a SELF-CLEANING OVEN!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TURN THE DIAL TO “CLEAN” AND CLOSE THE LATCH!!! No matter how you try to spin it, THAT ISN’T REALLY CLEANING AN OVEN!!!!!

    I hope you never run for president, because I’ve saved this page, and believe me, I won’t hesitate to make it public.

  2. Les Jones says:

    Self-cleaning oven, eh? Then how do you explain the filthy brown crap in the bottom? How much money is General Electric paying you to lie, corporate monkey stooge?

    Steve K, I accuse you of being a seller of defective ovens. Defective oven seller! Defective oven seller!

    No blood for broil!

    Steve K lied, my casserole fried!

  3. SayUncle says:

    Oprah can kiss my ass

    Oprah Winfrey and Lifetime (Television that sucks) make a lot of money scaring the shit out of affluent white women. Yours truly was the victim of Oprah induced paranoia last night. A couple of days ago, Oprah had a show on cleanliness and how often …

  4. Random Student says:

    Random google: I’m a university student in canada and I was googling pillow washing and came up with this thread….you people are way to funny for your own good. And miss/Mrs Leslie Lemont Jones, you better not run for president because I stand witness to the lies!


    take care all

  5. charles smith says:

    how do you wash cotton pillows?

  6. jm says:

    I wash my pillows in the washer. Cheap ones will get all weird and lumpy, while good ones will come back nicely. Just remember, you get what you pay for!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was looking for trips on pillow washing too! I want to freshen them up but i’m nervous! I’ve got Ralph Lauren pillows, i don’t want to ruin them! Any tips?

  8. another student says:

    Wow, how wierd. I am another canadian university student googling pillow washing who came up with this thread. And I would like to invite you to come to Canada to run for Prime Minister because I would vote for you.

  9. Mrs. Pirce says:

    We should have registered for pillows as wedding gifts! My brother-in-law is coming to visit us this weekend and I realized that we don’t have extra pillows. I’ve wash pillows before, but I guess they were really cheap since they came out lumpy. No one really posted directions on how to wash pillows so I guess I’m SOL, or is my brother-in-law the unlucky one?

  10. Shelley says:

    I, too, stumbled upon this thread in an effort to find directions for washing my pillows. While the commentary is hilarious, for those of you who still need guidance, here’s all you could ever want about protecting and laundering your bed pillow from about.com.

    Bringing Home a New Bed Pillow
    First, cut the labels off of your new pillows before using them on your bed. Scratchy labels will only get in the way of a peaceful night’s sleep. Next, slip on a pillow protector (more about these below) and finally a decorative pillowcase to match your sheets.

    Protecting your Pillow
    When you purchase a pillow always purchase at least two pillow protectors in the correct size to match your pillow. The pillow protector (basically a plain white pillowcase with a zippered closure) offers an additional barrier against dirt and oil and will lessen the need for pillow cleaning. Having at least two pillow protectors per pillow will allow you to have one in the wash while the other is being used on the pillow. These protectors can be found in fabrics that range from cheap muslins for a few dollars to fine cottons in high thread counts than can cost up to $20. Since you will be using it every night, it makes sense to choose a nicer one with longer-lasting quality fabric in a higher thread count.

    Keep a Supply of Extra Pillowcases
    A decorative pillowcase is the outer layer of the pillow. Always buy at least one extra set of pillowcases each time you purchase sheets. Extra cases will give you the option of changing the pillowcases every few days to freshen up the bed. (Changing pillowcases frequently can also help keep your face and hair cleaner.) You might also collect sets of plain white (or plain colored) pillowcases so you have a fresh clean one available every day. Buy the highest thread count you can afford to add a touch of luxury to your night.

    Laundering Pillows
    Your new pillow will come with care instructions on the package. Read them and tape them up inside your linen or laundry closet door as a reminder. Pillows are best protected from dust and dirt by using quality pillow protectors and pillowcases.

    Many pillows can be washed at home in a washing machine with a few additional precautions. First, set your washer on a gentle wash cycle and press the “extra rinse” button if available. If not, then simply put the pillow through the final rinse cycle another time or two to fully rinse out any soap and bubbles. These additional rinses are necessary due to the thickness and density of pillows.

    Next, use the spin dry feature of your washer at least twice to get as much moisture out of your pillow as possible. Then place in the dryer. Fluff and turn the pillows periodically during the drying cycle. Drying your pillow will probably take several drying cycles, and might take several hours, since the filling in the center may still be damp even when the outer layers are dry. If in doubt, hang the pillow in a dry location for a day or two to make certain it is completely dry before returning to your bed.

  11. Grace says:

    this is probably THE website ppl visit if they googled “pillow washing”, and save for the last comment here, everything else is actually rather Un-informative! BUT very entertaining no less!

    But what the heck is a self-cleaning oven? Another “uselesss japanese invention”?

  12. Stephanie says:

    I also was looking for the info to wash my pillows…I find this to be the funniest thing I have seen all day.

  13. Jessica says:

    So funny. I found the “informative” site just before this one. I too have never thought of washing my pillow, thinking it would come out all lumpy too..well we will see. I’m so sick, and hating all the dust (and dustmites it would seem) so I am washing it all!

  14. Marley says:

    hahahaha this is hilarious! I, with many other people, stumbled upon this site to find out about pillow washing. Though uninformative, utterly amusing!

    P.S- Les Jones, I would totally vote for you for president! I’m sure George Bush can’t even turn his oven on

  15. Another pillow washer says:

    I hadn’t realised washing pillows could be so entertaining.
    I’ve just washed my pillows for the first time ever (they were rank!) but the filling (hollow fibre) twisted inside the case and I can’t straighten it out; any tips? I don’t want to unstitch the cases to straighten them out – I’d rather buy new ones. I guess I just need to buy more expensive ones.
    Self-cleaning ovens are built to withstand a really high temperature and have a special coating on the inside. The high temperature burns all the dirt to a crisp that’s then easy to wipe away. A friend has one and claims it works very well.
    Les Jones, come to the UK – we’ll need a new Prime Minister soon!

  16. Alex the pillow washer says:

    Given how many of my compatriots are leaving notes, I felt obliged to do the same. I am also a Canadian university student with rank pillows, studying in the UK. Having experienced both countries and closely studied their political system I can say without a doubt, Canada needs you more as prime minister! “No Blood for Broil” = Comic Genius

  17. Another Canadian Pillow Washer says:

    YET ANOTHER CANADIAN PILLOW WASHER who stumbled onto the site.

    Judging from these postings….hmmm..
    You know the survey that yielded the info that the French bought the least amount of soap in Europe??
    … I must say that we Canadians must be the primary pillow washers in the english-speaking google-world.

  18. pillow washer Rick says:

    so, it seems that no one has given instructions to avoid lumpy pillows after washing them. I guess washing them by hand would work but I don’t know.

  19. Ash says:

    You Canadians must be very dirty… sleepers! I am an American… who googled pillow washing. My boyfriend, who lives with me, gets them pretty rank pretty quickly.

    I blame Canada.

  20. G Dubya says:

    I have never had any problems cleaning pillows or ovens – you just leave a note for tha maid, my goodness do I have to tell you folks everything?

    However I do need help. How do you clean dirty Canadian students? Mine are filthy, I’ve tried everything, brillo pads, comet, chlorox, oxy-clean, nothing works. Yes, yes, I know tha maid should do it, but she won’t touch em Canucks with a 6 foot pole.

    Laura said I should ask Karl cos he always knows everything. Karl says I should start cleaning out the cabinet first before I take on any more big projects, but I am sure tha maid can handle that. I don’t know about Karl sometimes.

    Dick said just ship em off to Gitmo with the rest of the trouble-makers, they can do wonders down there he says. AND He says Canucks lovit in Cuba anyhowse. But I don’t know, i don’t want to be without em for 10 years (it always takes em that long Dick says)- jeez, Alberto whispered to me the other day that I may not even still be in this ole house in 10 years, quite a shock that I tell ya. I told Alberto to mind his own dang business, I just bin too nice to that kid.

    Anywaase I got to run, important thangs to do over at the Cap Bldg. – the boys are showing more re-runs of last season’s Dallas games, Go Cowboys!

    Well Les anytime u want to try out the chair in the Oval office give me a holler, we got pretzels and a bar stuffed with Kool-aid, some great gadgets, u should see the flat screen TV, oh my check that out, Ed, Edd an Eddy what a scream!

  21. Woody Eh! says:

    Finally…I found the Canadian pillow-washing blog. I too googled pillow washing and this is what I found – the ultimate Canadian pillow washing info site…cool eh? Maybe we Canadians simply drool more in our sleeping while talking…try laying down, turn your head to the sidd, close your eyes and say “eh” slowly like yer sleeping…see how the drool runs outta the side of yer yap!

  22. KandeeMann says:

    All that this American pillow washer has to say is lol

  23. Shannon says:

    This site is great! You Canadians are too funny! Bring some humor down to the US!

  24. Julie in Georgia says:

    Martha Stewart says to put tennis balls in the dryer with your pillows to keep the stuffing from matting.

  25. Elliott says:

    Based on the lack of negative feedback on this page I’m gonna take a risk and wash my £45 Goose down & feather pillow, which has not beet washed for 5 years, for the first time. I’m gonna be pretty p*ssed off if it gets ruined – it’s my fave.

    If it comes out all lumpy, I’m gonna get on a plane from London and come over there and kick you right in the oven!


  26. Elliott says:

    Quick update: Washed on 40 degrees with a biological liquid (not powder as bio powders have bleach) and it didn’t come out lumpy. Woo! Only drawback is that I’ve tumbled dried it 3 times on cool and it’s till not dry! Doh!

  27. justice says:

    I’m moving very soon, and haven’t packed much of anything, and have had a pile of dusty gross pillows/sheets/blankets sitting in the corner for forever, hah.

  28. hrdina says:

    America University student washing pillows for the first time. My great IKEA pillow has instructions and is telling me it wants a good washing.

  29. sometimes i dont get it says:

    ok so I took your advice and just put my pillows in my oven and turned it to self clean and locked the latch. I couldnt figure out where to put the soap so I just poured it on the pillows. I hope they come out smelling fresh and new.

    thanks your the best

  30. Jennifer says:

    Another canuck with dirty pillows here. I think it’s because a moose kicked a hole in the side of my igloo and then came in to have a nap on my pillows while I was out dogsleding. Can’t be helped. This is too funny-it made my day.

  31. Jenny says:

    This is certainly the foremost Canadian pillow washing blog on the internet today! I am an American pillow washing housewife but I do have Canadian ancestry. (That explains my desire for pillow washing, certainly!)

    Since I’m am an expert in washing cheap pillows that get twisted up I wanted to help future pillow washers with some advice. There are two types of cheap pillows. The first kind are the ones that bunch up, the filling separates into clumps and become lumpy. There isn’t really any way to fix these. Quit buying whatever brand that is. The second kind are the ones where the pillow filling moves as an entire mass and shifts sideways. You can fix these quite easily. Basically you feel up the pillow until you find a corner of the filling through the fabric. Then take a corner of the pillow fabric and pinch the corner of the filling you felt earlier and gently tug it into place as much as possible. Repeat with each corner until it’s nice and pretty again.

    Happy pillow washing!

  32. Elise says:

    Really? Haha! I didn’t really think pillow cleaning was all this dramatic! Certainly, it isn’t difficult, as the directions come with the pillows themselves. I really just wanted to know how often…monthly, semi-annually, annually? Still, I’m glad I stumbled upon this highly entertaining page.

  33. Jac says:

    As yet another (!) Canadian pillow washing ‘googler’ I have to ask….Are the cats Sta-Puft puffy and Downy fresh too?

    I think Martha Stewart (a closet Canadian wannbe) suggests washing pillows every 6 months.

  34. Martha says:

    I’m taking Jenny’s advice and washing the pillows just so I can feel them up when I’m done!

    If they bunch up I’ll consider them to be the cheap ones I got at K-Mart and go out and buy something decent.