Help John Reed By Fact-Checking Russ Whitney’s Ass

Anyone who has ever published a Web page has wondered about the possibility of being sued. It’s especially unnerving to imagine being sued by a powerful person or company. John T Reed is in exactly that situation right now. He’s being sued by a multi-millionaire and convincted criminal named Russ Whitney, and Reed is asking for help.

Who is John T. Reed?
Reed is a real estate investor who writes about real estate investing and property management. He was disturbed by some of the promises “real estate gurus” like Carleton Sheets and Robert G. Allen were making in their seminars, tapes, and TV commercials. As a result, he began posting his real estate guru ratings on his Web site.

As Reed says, the real estate guru business is something of a rogue’s gallery. Many of the gurus have gone bankrupt, served time in jail, been sued by state attorneys general, or flat out lied about their investment success. In one of the better known cases, Robert Allen (author of No Money Down) has gone bankrupt, and the head of one of his investment clubs went to jail for using the techniques in Allen’s book. Which leads us to the next guru.

Who is Russ Whitney?
Whitney is a real estate investing guru who sells seminars, tapes, and books, the best-known being Building Wealth. He’s CEO of Whitney Information Network, a thinly-traded bulletin board stock, of which he owns 81%. The SEC has advised Whitney Information Network that they need to restate their earnings. The restatement would wipe out all of the profits they’ve ever reported. The company’s liabilities are currently greater than its assets.

After Reed gave him a bad rating, Whitney filed a lawsuit against him in June, 2002. Rather than backing down, Reed decided to fight and to serve as his own counsel. The lawsuit is ongoing. There’s a progress report here.

What Reed and His Readers Have Uncovered About Whitney So Far

Using his own resources, and drawing on his reader’s help, Reed began investigating Whitney as part of the informal discovery process leading up to trial.

  • Whitney is a convincted felon and ex-con. One of Reed’s fans ran Whitney’s name through a criminal database and found his record. Whitney was convincted of robbery in the second degree. He served a year and a half in prison in New York.
  • Whitney lost a paternity suit. A reader searched the Lee County, Florida court Web site and discovered the case. Whitney – a married man – had an affair with one of his employees, got her pregnant, denied paternity, and then had to be sued to support the child.
  • Whitney ran over a pedestrian. Reed says Whitney committed hit and run; Whitney says the summons for hit and run was the result of faulty reporting. The man he struck was left with permanent brain damage. Whitney was never prosecuted in criminal court, but he lost a $1.1 million civil suit.
  • His business practices have gotten him in trouble with attorneys general in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

It’s very likely he has more skeletons in his closet. That’s where you come in. The blogosphere is great at fact-checking. If you have access to any legal, criminal, or government databases, you could very well dig up more information about Whitney that would be useful at trial. If you’ve had dealings with Whitney or his company, that could be useful, too, especially if you have notes from his company’s seminars.

UPDATE: Reed and Whitney have settled as of July, 2005.

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  2. Resonance says:

    Another Website-Derived Legal Despute

    Apparently, real estate investor John Reed is being sued over negative comments he made on fellow real estate guru Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth program by . Les Jones has the details. A usefull rule of thumb to use when assessing…

  3. Say Uncle says:

    Be Careful When You Sue

    No not this but this: Whitney is the worst kind of weasel imaginable. It’s very likely he has more skeletons in his closet. That’s where…

  4. Wizbang says:

    Vote Carnival In 2003!

    Welcome to the Carnival Of The Vanities – Week 59. Since today was election day in many parts of the country the Carnival this week features all the great entries you’ve come to expect, and a little election trivia thown…

  5. Wizbang says:

    Vote Carnival In 2003!

    Welcome to the Carnival Of The Vanities – Week 59. Since today was election day in many parts of the country the Carnival this week features all the great entries you’ve come to expect, and a little election trivia thown…

  6. Fauzan A says:

    I believe in Reed’s professionalism. And I believe in his “sixth sense”. Of course I can’t close my ear if Reed make mistakes too. He’s not a god of finance. But I adore his great critical. I hope I can have his principle and his instinct.
    I think Reed doesn’t need our help, because there’s nothing we can do, except support him and try to open our mind. Because what he has done is more than help. We’re the one who supposed to be helped! Not Reed!

  7. Harry Eaglemman says:

    This Whitney guy is coming to Canada in December.
    He will be conducting his “seminars” near me. Should I expose him to my fellow Canadians? If so, how? Has anyone tried to stall him at his seminars before? I am not even sure if his ideas work in Canada!!! Please advise. Emails are welcome at

  8. Les Jones says:

    It probably won’t be Whitney himself speaking. The best thing you can do is to take a lot of notes and ask a lot of questions.

  9. Faizal says:

    What happened to the court case? I really wish I can see the updated progress report. This Whitney guy seems like he’s trying like hell to go around the justice system (he probably had the experience???). Can the progress report be updated, please.

  10. Les Jones says:

    It looks like Reed hasn’t updated it since 5/31/03.

  11. chucks says:

    Reed did update his site 11-18-03. Basically he just reported that there is nothing going on right now. Lawsuits are tedious, and the process drags on. His website reports that he’ll announce more when he has more.

    My only advise to John Reed is to keep the Whitney info regarding paternity suits and stepmoms off of the website. It doesn’t add to what you’re doing.

    If your looking for straight ahead, no nonsense real estate advise, there are few better than John T. Reed. I highly reccommend his book Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors. Flat out terrific, and after you read it, make sure your accountant gets a copy.

    Whitney’s strategy seems to be to make John Reed spend money defending himself. I’ll bet Whitney drops this whole thing before it ever formally gets in front of a trial judge.

  12. Jim says:

    I went to a Whitney $99 training/sales pitch in Portland, Oregon by the master of sales pitches: Tom Bissmeyer. Bissmeyer of Colorado is now hooked up with Whitney. Formerly a pitchman for Charles Givens and Robert Allen, this “awe shuck’s I’m just a welder” guy never tells you he has earned is Bachelors or Master’s degrees in Finance nor that he worked for a large international accounting and consulting firm or a large real estate development company. No, he tells you that he was a welder (true) and then he became a real estate millionaire and you can too (“not bragging just sharing the facts”). He didn’t quite lie about this, he just greatly misleads the audience through ommission. He couples it with his advice that everyone be truthful and honest. I cannot tell you how many left that $99 session putting down $5,000 or more for the next classes but I guess it was about 45 of the blue collar types out of the 200 present. He really builds up the foreclosure piece (if you do nothing else, learn this and the next four years can make you rich) and then on the end of the 2nd day rushes through it so fast you cannot possibly take notes. But you can fly to Florida or Arizona for a class. The assistants in the back of the room are “closers” and he reminds them “you have to close the deal if you want to eat”. They looked like thugs and dropouts. I could only imagine what it was like in the old days going to a revival tent to hear the master snake oil salesman sell bottles of magic elixer. No more. He must have personally pocketed $15,000 – $20,000 for that 3 day performance. A much better ROI than his example properties. Bissmeyer and Whitney (another Robert Allen guy)found the easy/big profits are in the selling of real estate training information, not in real estate investing. Good for you for helping out Reed! By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bissmeyer is connected with Whitney’s Mortgage corporation.

  13. chucks says:

    Bissmeyer is still pitching for Robert Allen. I recently attended a free Allen event in Bloomington, MN. and Tom Bissmeyer, I beleive, was the presenter. Big, overweight guy, in his 50’s, claims he worked in northern Minnesota in the late 60’s and that his life changed after seeing a Robert Allen seminar in the early 80’s. When Bissmeyer’s son needed a liver transplant that wasn’t covered by medical insurance, Bissmeyer put the Allen training to use and “POOF!” the money was there. I’m sure that when Tom pitches for Whitney he claims it was the Whitney training that propelled him to great real estate riches. These guys can’t do anything without trying to run a con on you. Amazing.

  14. Bryan says:

    Hello Folks, Whitney has purchased Ron Le Grant’s
    real estate cash flow system. Therefore, I would advise you to steer clear of them too. And remember most people that are in real estate make their money in the long term; not 1-2 years. Some poeple do make a lot of money right away, but 90%
    make money over many years (say about 10). Further, you have to work hard at it. Money does not fall out of sky.

  15. Skaawc says:

    Yeah the best way to get rich is to publish a “How to get rich with real estate” book. As always if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  16. Marty Jones says:

    Does anyone know about Russ Whitney’s Rancho Monterey project in Costa Rica ? Local real estate agents tell me its going down the tubes. I hear he charges $15,000 to attend the seminar and then hot boxes people o buy lots at the project. I hear there are alot of unhappy students here. It looks like he has taken it down from his website. Does this mean he’s quiting the project? I’ve also heard there are several lawsuits brewing down there.

    Land Man
    Costa Rica

  17. JCastellanos says:

    I have attended one seminar and a boot camp in phoenix purchase options and purchased a real state platinum packaged. After not being safisfied with the quality of instruction. I requested a refund. for my suprised they accepted after 2 initial denies. but unfortunately he is offerring a 50 cents on the dollar refund. Any suggestions?

  18. Les Jones says:

    JC: John Reed just recently put up a page about Whitney’s reluctance to give refunds.

  19. Rich says:

    Les, I’ve been reading John T. Reed’s Real Estate “gurus” rating page. We(Diane & I) have bought several courses over the years, including Sheets, Del Dotto’s, and recently John Beck’s “Free & Clear” auction program through the promoters, who tried to sell us on a “$5,000 – $10,000 coaching” program. Very unprofessional, no info offered at all. I told them I’m a businessman of 30 years, give me a prospectus or analysis of some kind, or even details of costs, results, etc. They wouldn’t, and I DIDN’T! I appreciate John’s website, and am going to request his newsletter, and his advice on real estate auctions, because the Beck system has info, but so far not much “how to.” Guess they save that for the “$5,000 – $10,000 coaching” sessions!

  20. James says:

    Hi Guys,

    I attended a seminar in Dublin Ireland last night, David Shamy was giving the presentation, as a sales person for over 12 years I would say he had some very good closing techniques, Some of the local reference letters were quite good, I didn’t sign up last night, Thankfully!! After reading JohnT Reeds site I will hink carefully and read more before considering doing one of Whitneys seminars.

  21. RICK D says:


  22. Chris L says:

    I have just attended the 3day seminar this weekend which I did not know it was related to Russ Witney or any of those guru guys. Although I have learned some good info and techniques/strategies, I also felt tricked/cheated in many ways because I was led to believe that I would learn everything(details in how to) and get specific personal advice from this seminar instead of being pushed for some other “Advance trainings” to REALLY learn how to do it with “Hands-on” “field-trip” trainings. I was lucky to have my friend shared the cost of $1600 for this 3-day seminar which I’ll say 1/3 of the time was spent on pushing the advance trainings with the instructor holding back some of the more advance information which I would be mostly benefited. Please tell your friends be very careful when they see the infommerical with the 2 little guys talking about CASH FLOW Generating. Thank you for this website,I will tell other seminar attendees to read this website.

  23. Angel says:

    I have also attended at Whitney seminar and like a big dummy I bought the mortgage payment acceleration program. but now after thinking about it and looking at it who wants to pay someone to just set up their mortgage on a bi-weekly schedule. I have also called for a refund and they absolutely refuse to give me a refund.

  24. Robert says:

    I joined Russ Whitney,he charged me +$12,000.I never received my software,my mentoring,or my millionare university.When I asked for refund he gave me refund for $3,000.Then when I asked for full refund he offered me another partial refund for mentoring as he fired PMI for mis-representation or so I was told by John Robitta.After fighting writing letters sending e-mail he recently offered me full refund as he stated in document that he was growing to fast and that his company over looked my case.I then proceded to get refund or so I thought.He then refused again to refund me even though I had letter that offered me refund.I have a total of 3 letters offering refunds due to Russ Whitneys neglegence.2 of the 3 letters state I am to completely keep all info a secret.Well Russ Whitney did it again, ripped off another customer offering a refund but when it comes down to it doesnt give refund out.I sent interesting E-mail that caused them to write refund letter.Although when it comes down to it refund was really not given.How is it when a company offers 3 things for money. Forget or simply dont send you these things which you pay for,and feel that they dont owe you a refund.If I had a few thousand dollars or a lawyer that would represent me I no with the documents I have that a court of law would refund or make Russ refund my money.Please feel free to contact me as I will give copies of refund letters or other documents that prove in writing that Russ Whitney ripped me off.

  25. Dale says:

    i have recently attended a seminar in Fullerton Ca. The first day was pretty much about success story’s of previous students, the instuctors touch on very basic informations regarding foreclosures, lease option, mobile homes. The second and third day was pretty much sales pitch to purchase their advance courses ranching from $8000-60,000. The instructors even advice for the students to call their credit card companys to ask for inceases in the line of credits to pay for the courses, the higher the amont you spend the better you are off! I thought that was so immoral, most of the students are in financial difficulty already, the instructors are asking the students to dig a deeper hole for themselfs. It seems to me the instructors didn’t care for the students welfare, they only care for selling their products at whatever the cost may be.

  26. Jim says:

    We attended a Teach Me To Trade 3 day siminar. Agreed to attend 2 additional classes for $8m. Found NO tech support and couldn’t access the on-line service, demanded refund to no avail. Any suggestions, we are in Fl. and plan to turn it over to the state and a local TV stations, maybe sue. Suggestions appreciated. This is a currant situation we attended this class in 2005.

  27. Jim says:

    We attended a Teach Me To Trade 3 day siminar. Agreed to attend 2 additional classes for $8m. Found NO tech support and couldn’t access the on-line service, demanded refund to no avail. Any suggestions, we are in Fl. and plan to turn it over to the state and a local TV stations, maybe sue. Suggestions appreciated. This is a currant situation we attended this class in 2005.

  28. Jung says:

    Is the Russ Whitney Businees & Success Software ligitimate or not?

  29. landy says:

    I first attended a free 3hr seminar of Russ Whitney and was give some basic info on real estate and how to become a real estate investor and become financially independent within the next two years. At this 3hr seminar I was encouraged to attend a 3-day real estate training session and purachse the Russ Whitney Build Your Wealth software system for $1000. I was lead to believe that after this three day training session I would obtain the knowledge how to obtain my first piece of property with little or no money down. I was also promised the MPAP program which is the mortage bi-weekly payment program, where you are supposed to make $400 on each account, well I am still waiting for this software.

    I attended the 3-day training session this past weekend in Herndon, VA which was a complete waste of my time. This was no more than a sales pitch for more advanced training starting at $8000 to become financially independent in the next two years. There were at least 150 people at this seminar and thoes who did not have $10k, to purchase an advanced training package and the Russ Whitney financial software, were told to obtain credit cards, get money or use credit cards of friends and family or find investors by the last day of the training. If this was not possible we were to at least have $2000 to buy the financial software because if anyone tried to use the techniques described at the seminar would get burned and loose money.

    The techniques talked about were so superficial we were basically told the different types of ares involved in real estate investing and given examples of what other Russ Whitney students have accomplished after completeing the advanced training programs.

    So all beware Russ Whitney and Millionare University!!!! Unless you have $8k – $60K to spend on YOUR real estate education.

  30. B.Levy says:

    I also attended a three day workshop in Minneapolis. The Instructor was a lady named Bonita. Same practice of getting attendees to increase their credit cards for “seed money” and the next day find out the $8,000 to $60,000 was to be planted in their pockets. My opinion after thirty hours of Bonita rambling on is: The 3-day program was totally misrepresented and a classic way to take your money. They were real good, about a third of the attendees forked out a lot of money. One of the first things Bonita said was ” this is not a scam” I have learned over the years, when someone says This Is Not A Scam it usually is.

  31. john says:

    I doubt this will make it on this such up page but lets just think about something.

    John Reed sells Real Estate info just like the guys he puts down.

    I could not find one person he reviews as being someone he recomends buying from.

    Whitney may be a crook or maybe an angel but only a moron would base their conclusion on what a person like John Reed says who is obviously not only acting in a conflict of interest but uses all these popular guru names on his web site to gain traffic to sell his own product.

    It would appear either the person who put up this page has been duped or is working with Reed.

  32. Les Jones says:

    “I could not find one person he reviews as being someone he recomends buying from.”

    Then you didn’t look very hard. Here are his ratings. As you scroll down the page, every name in green is a person he recommends. I count 20 recommended people or organizations.

    “It would appear either the person who put up this page has been duped or is working with Reed.”

    John: you’re welcome to your opinion as to whether I’ve been duped, but I’m certainly not working for John Reed.

  33. Judge Shmendric says:

    Just took a 3 day course at the Sherton hotel in Anaheim, CA- he Midgets got us in at the 3 hour free seminar, where a sleezy salesman actaully got us (me and a freind) through high pressure sales pitches, to buy the 3 day “deal”for $495.
    for only $247.00 We figured 3 days training would be worth that amount- WHAT A FOOL I WAS- Benita, claimed to be only teaching because she was trying to help the world’s children, she did all the credit card deals, stories of success, emotional personal stories, as well as about 4 hours of “actual” information. the books and training CD’s are worth about $20.00- the rest of the time this bitch tried to sell us on deals starting from $60,000.00 in Costa Rica to $8,000.00 bus trips, all of course marked down from $80,000.00 to $15,000

    The sad news is, some of the people are actually going for the “next” level training- most of the people there look like they don’t have enough money to buy a hot- dog let alone a Costa Rica trip for over $60,000.00- this is the biggest scam since the “financial advisor” scams of a few years back- at least with Primerica you don’t fork over very much cash, and you could actually sell something of limited worth.


  34. m.gray says:

    I just finished taking the 3 day real estate course I purchased through The Get Motivated Seminar in Dallas with Tommy Franks, Zig Ziglar and Rudy Gulianni. I found the real estate training, which was taught by Alan Swals out of Georgia, to be quite informative. Yes there was pressured sales etc., but the information regarding foreclosures, wholesale and lease-option seem legitimate business practices and strategies. I consider myself somewhat educated with having an MBA, although I can let myself get carried away with the idea of financial success like anyone. I am not entirely convinced that they are doing something other than providing creative ideas on purchasing real estate etc.. I don

  35. John Cohen says:

    Russ Whitney’s programs are very good and just remember the bigger a person gets the more people dont like them. Its true on every level.

    So I wouldn’t hold to much to the actions of John Reed and Les Jones…

    Just a waste of time…If these guys were making so much money how could they have time to waste on Russ…

    Ask yourself what moitvates John Reed to do research on Russ….Who has the time to do this….Be careful about John and his programs…anybody with this much hate has got to have his own agenda.

  36. Melissa says:

    I just got back from the three day seminar. I, too, believe it was worth the adventure. I learned things I didn’t know. I didn’t care for the pitch for further learning but understand it is necessary if you seriously want to do this. I am already self employed with an auto repair shop. Just with Russ’s book, I’ve decided to turn it into a rooming house with a minimal profit of $20,000. a year. Our instructor was, Greg Downing, and he was patient, helpful, and knowledegable. Although I know these courses were way overpriced, if I could have afforded them, I would have taken some of them. Remember, you have to take the initiation to change your life, but as our instructor said, “you have to have the ability to beable to go out and do these deals.” That means, you have to already have a good credit report, some money down at times, and the want and initiation to do it. I, too, agree that John Reed seems to be spending way too much time on this agenda agains Russ Whitney. No man is perfect! I know, I’m raising three boys and one husband, and it it weren’t for my persistence, they would end up like most children in society today. As for my husband, I pushed him to start a business, he was afraid of his ability. He did it! Then, I pushed him to purchase a building for his businees. Again, he was afraid. We have been in business for ten years now. It’s all about honesty, ethics, and how you treat people. And, of course, your abilities at what you do. Have faith in yourself and what you can do, and you can go far. That goes for real estate investing as well. Don’t just learn from one, but learn from many.

  37. Raye says:

    My husband and I recently attended a 3 day session in Overland Park, Kansas. Our instructor was low-key and very informative. We received so much information our heads are spinning. The sales pitch was upfront, low-pressure and clearly spelled out. No last minute, gotta make a decision right this instant, only fools would pass this up pressure from our session leaders. I understand people are disappointed to find out there really isn’t a “get rich quick” fix in these classes. If you want money, you have to work for it and put effort into learning the field. This is a brand new area for us and I appreciate the opportunity to discover it’s really not rocket science. This session has given us the confidence to dip our toes into the water. Seems like a pretty solid exchange for $99 and 3 days of our time. For the record, we aren’t buying any advanced classes so don’t think we are just shilling for the company. Based on what I’ve read here, it seems the response to the class is largely based on the person leading it. Maybe we just got really lucky but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

  38. Izzy says:

    I will give the most important info anyone needs. You have three days to cancel the contract by sending in the NOTICE OF CANCELLATION to the address in Coral FLA. This is a federal law for a pending transaction to review the offer for 3 days. Be careful you have only three week days including Sat. Sun. Many will just pull out the product and start looking at it, while the three days elapse. Other than that all the blah, blah, read other books, try it your self,is all good, but I suggest invest the money instead of spending it rings true. For me, the spinster was actually Russ Whitney JR. Yes, the son is now doing the hotel freebie circuit. They save the questions until the end. They don’t legitimately care too much. I got one of the backroom spinners to admit that the MPAP was just paying an extra monthly house payment each month does the same thing. Primerica does this already. Check out RUSS in the stock check on any site. research his company. But most of all–most important–you have three days to cancel and get your money back. I felt like I made $995.

  39. anon says:

    >> Ask yourself what moitvates John Reed to
    >> do research on Russ

    Russ sued Reed.

    Russ asked the court to shut down Reed’s livelihood.

    And if you did not know that, you’re a MORON for posting on a topic you know nothing about.

    Buy more Russ products, dude. You’ll get what you deserve.

    And read Reed’s latest reports from the court filings. Russ is running scared, tail between his legs.


    Russ files an “emergency motion” then begs the court to delay depositions and begs the court to delay Russ’s responses to Reed’s interrogatories TWO TIMES already.

    Quite an “emergency” there, Russ.

  40. john Goldshore says:

    Just got back from Russ Whitney event and it was awesome. I totally recommend him. Every company has good and bad things about them. Overall I would say Russ Whitney is helping people. Everybody in the room seemed very excited and were looking forward to the training.

    Let’s leave the guy alone…He has done some amazing thinsg for people.

  41. anon says:

    >> He has done some amazing thinsg for people.

    I agree.

    He did amazing things for his bastard child, making the mother go to court just to get what was rightly due to the kid.

    Russ also did amazing things for that guy he crippled in NY (and then illegally fled the scene of the accident), then refused to pay, threatening to declare bankruptcy if they tried to get any money from Russ. Yep, lots of help there. Russ.

    Mostly Russ has helped people shovel money to Russ for useless Russ products.

  42. rtorrell says:

    Has anyone ever heard of I.D.I. (Internet Development Inc.) which is calling people to offer training for Russ Whitney???

  43. James says:

    I attended a Russ Whitney seminar in Chicago and have to admit that I was sold. I don’t like being sold, but I was. It happens, I suppose. I’ve had some experience in sales and I feel that I know the techniques used so I don’t feel completely foolish because sales is designed to do one thing…sell people a product! Now that I have purchased his product I am determined to make it work, but if it doesn’t then I have to go on and just accept the fact that I made an investment in something that could possibly make me a lot of money. If it works…great! If it doesn’t, then I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes. There are people out there who have made money by following his techniques so I have to have faith that I can be one of those people. I don’t have dillusions of grandeur, but I think over time and with due dilligence I can make something out of this. I just wish there wasn’t as much of a ‘pity-party’ as there appears to be. If you didn’t have the money to invest or chance in this product then you should have had the discipline to not get involved. Anyways…here’s me looking at hope. I’m not giving up and I’m certainly not passing judgement on a person for being less than perfect because I certainly am not. I’m just trying to stay optimistic instead of giving up and feeling sorry for myself.

  44. skeptic says:

    Three words: GRAIN-OF-SALT.
    All the gurus are full of crap. John Reed may be helping people by steering them away from predatory education, but he’s definitely got a conflict of interest. If you want to learn about real estate and retire wealthy, then take some classes at your local community college. They have evening and weekend classes, too. Or take the whole package from Leonard-Hawes or equivalent. Then and only then will you have the right information for your location. If you are trying to make loads of money in the next two years, you’re an idiot if you think you’ll be successful. Only crooks and lottery winners do that. Spend your money on legitimate education. If you have to ask whether or not it’s legitimate… IT ISN’T! Otherwise, just go buy as many lottery tickets as you can. You have a better chance of becoming rich that way than buying guru goods. Plus playing lottery is more fun!

  45. Chris L says:

    For what its worth – I went to a couple of Whitney semminars. Yes, they are trying to sell stuff. Yes, it’s expensive. I bought his book. I bought his software and tapes/CDs. (I also bought books from 5 or 6 other guys.)

    Did my wife and I make money in Real Estate? Yes, in about a year we now have 11 properties and 3 more in escrow as of this writing. Property values have skyrocketed in our area over the last year making it easy to make money. We have averaged about $30,000 profit in each property over the last year (avg. purchase price $110,000). Some we fixed up, others were in great shape, 4 were HUD foreclosure sales, 1 was a preforclosure. There are bargains out there – you just need to look hard to find them. You also have to look long enough to learn values.

    Do you need their expensive classes or software to make money in real estate? No. Can it help? Yes, It has for me.

    Would I pay $5000 for a class when I first started? Not on your life. Would I now after I have made some successful deals? Absolutely. One or two good ideas/techniques implimented properly on just one deal will help me make that money back and then some.

    Remember, there are no selfless millionaires that want to help others get rich and learn their secrets “just for the benefit of humanity”. Sure some might get pleasure out of teaching. Most are earning money for their time. If they make good money in Real Estate, they are not going to spend all their time “teaching” for wages smaller than their real estate deals. (Yes, good speakers probably get paid 10 to 20k for their weekend semminars.)

    Did you expect them to work for free, or at some huge discount, for the benefit of making you “rich”. Why? What are you expecting?

    Skeptical? You should always be. Does that mean that Russ, and some of these others are worthless “snake oil salesman”? No. Not everyone has the temperment or mindset to do real estate, even after they learn these “so called” secrets. You have to be able to impliment the techniques properly for them to work.

    Like most, I couldn’t believe that you could make this kind of money in real estate. But after doing it, I know it can be done. Oddly, even after sharing my success with friends, and offering to show them how to do it too, I have only one friend who has seriously picked my brain for techniques he could use.

    If you are serious about real estate, Russ’ group does have some good info that can be used to help make money. I have had 2 customer service issues with the company, at times they are very inflexible.

    Out of all the packages I bought, Allen, Whitney, Sheets, DeRoos, etc, the one that was the worst bit of fluff came from Dean Grassioso (sp?) – save your money and skip his stuff.

    PS – Almost all of this info can be bought at steep discounts on ebay.

  46. Chris L says:

    PSS – Investing in Real Estate is way more fun than the lottery. The odds of winning (when you know what you are doing) are much larger as well.

    Invest in as much education as you can. Invest wisely and prudently. Start with books, as they are the cheapest. Evaluate the materials and the author. Learn to read between the lines and how to filter the BS. Ask lots of questions. Apply what you have learned. Never stop learning.

    I have found that by discovering the business model of the promoter (how they make their money) you can better filter and discern the information provided.

  47. judge shmendric says:

    the people who think Russ Whitney’s crap is worth it deserve to pay $60,000.00 for a “mentor”
    as long as there are fools, slimballs like Russ will make money

  48. AnnDee says:

    I’ve used Russ Whitney’s Preconstruction program and have actually turned under $10,000.00 into $320,000 in 18 months. I’ve read all of this, and I have to say, there are a few tricks of his that are worthy. Not all of them work for everyone, but the preconstruction has been working for me for the last 3 years in which I’ve taken out of pocket no more than $10,000 and made over $500,000.00. Not meaning to say some of you haven’t had legitimate experiences, but not everyone has had a bad experience. I’ve never made easier money in my life! If you want to understand how the preconstruction side works, email me and I’ll explain it.

  49. Carla says:

    I took $20,000.00 dollars worth of Russ Whitney classes an within three months I made it all back and then some. I work for a big company and my boss is an ex-con 10 years ago. He now has a multi-million dollor company and he has a great team. Our objective is to be honest and loyal. WHEN YOU HAVE A BIG COMPANY THERE IS ALWAYS SOMONE WHO WILL SUE YOU. EVERYONE HAS A PAST. We get sued all the time. So does alot of other big companies. If you diden’t get anything out of the classes than you diden’t listen or you diden’t understand. I disagree with this. WHAT IS YOUR PAST MAYBE I CAN PUT THIS ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

  50. DK says:

    I have a friend that just jumped on the Russ Whitney train, and has asked me to come to some of the seminars. However I have declined the offer because I do not see it as a smart financial move.

    Judge shmend; Preconstruction has been good since early 2000. However if you do a little research you will find statistics from the FDIC and Chamber of Commerce website that will provide a little more light on this sudden growth with real estate prices and real estate guru

  51. Chris says:

    I attended a free pitch in the twin cities MN (DoubleTree Hotel) 9-26. I was a bit irritated that the presentastion began 25 minutes after the scheduled start. The presenter was Russ Jr.. He seemed cranky and hung-over for the first hour, but warmed to the subject when he got to ours being the land of opportunity. Two of the other team members looked rough and poorly groomed also.

    I had to leave to make a 3:00pm appointment so missed the close, but did appreciate the skillful use of conditioning that was employed to prepare for closing. I think there must be broad variations in the quality of the presentation and instruction within Russs’s system. The team I saw could benefit from detox and a shower.

    I am already reading; Building Wealth, and will study before committing to further training from his outfit.

  52. Watchdog says:

    Here is one that I am sure you will all enjoy. I just found this site

  53. Geoff Fox says:

    I would like to contribute to this conversation by means of an analogy which i find useful:

    Some people like the security of a gym membership because it offers them the opportunity to go out and improve their physical condition, but more importantly it often makes people feel better about themselves without actually having to commit to going… when they dont get the results they were hoping for they cant help but get a little bitter and twisted in an attempt to post rationalise their reality.

    Psychologically i think many people are like this and financial inadequacies are not much different;

    I believe that investment dream schemes are much like our idea of the gym / diets / cosmetic improvement. They offer us an opportunity for potential self satisfaction and as with anything its usually what you do with it, how you adapt it to your life style and what you choose to learn from it that sepparates the frustrated from the self serving.

    Some people get bitter about the fact that the promises made, did not get them where / what they hoped and are subsequently quick to lay blame or point a finger in another direction… anywhere but me!
    And then there are the people who are are accountable for their actions, are prepared to take their future into their own hands by taking action, however modest / expensive / controversial. they are people who do not believe in a right or wrong approach only more or less appropriate depending on circumstance. They do their research, and after a period of careful evaluation take the best option available, with no regretts. They know that there is no such thing as a miracle cure, or quick fix, and are prepared to evaluate their success as a factor of their growth and learning. these are the people who understand that action is ultimately more beneficial than inaction, and proaction is the first step towards the personal (physical / emotional / spiritual / financial) evolution that they have always craved.

    The issue for me, is not where you fall within this debate (which gym you belong to)… Its how you’ve, interpreted the information, how you’ve made it apply and how you plan to use the experiences (of these two most interesting individuals)… preferably to your long term benefit…

  54. Anyone who has been a victim of Russ Whitney who would like to go on national television on camera. please visit or email


  55. Meflody says:

    He is coming to Dayton, Ohio, I had registered to go to his building wealth workshop – but after reading all the bad information about him, I am not going anymore. Thanks everyone you probably saved me a whole bunch of money – and that’s building my wealth!!

  56. felicia says:

    im wondering if any one who has attended a russ whitney seminar is willing to sell the information that was given to you

  57. anon says:

    I’ve read that about 5% of people who try short term stock trading succeed. TheTeach Me To Trade classes are skimpy, tho it seems like a lot to the hopeful students. Buy some books from Trader’s Library or Amazon (read exerpts) for a few bucks for in depth info, not $3000 for each skimpy class. You will get caught in the hype. It takes time and effort and constant monitoring to do short term trading. Investigate some legitimate sources for investment ideas such as IBD. No I dont have a relationship with them.

  58. anon says:

    The person asking to buy info someone else has bought at a seminar sounds like a plant from the Whitney bunch, looking to get someone in trouble. No one in their right mind would think of doing something so illegal.(buying or selling that way) Oh, wait! I know of someone who would do illegal or immoral things! BTW the complaints that people post here are not due to their not succeeding with the info sold to them, but to the high pressure sales methods and downright lying at times. The deeper you get into this group the more they try to separate you from your money. JUST BE CAREFUl! Leave your checkbook and credit cards at home if you MUST attend one of those seminars. Then go home and THINK. If you act out of fear, hope, greed, or response to professional hype, you may be very sorry later, like thousands of people no doubt, most of whom will never discover this website. Tell all your friends about this site and ask them to tell others.

  59. Ann says:

    I attended a Russ Whitney 3-day Seminar 1-13-06 in Oakbrook, IL and yes this was a well planned out strategy to make people spend $9000 -$60,000 on “Advanced Training Classes” vs “Investing in actual Realestate”. They have tailored their marketing ploy showing you how to increase your credit limit so you can….you guessed it, buy more training, not property. The speaker was a well trained “Salesman” who plays on the emotions and the desires of the people. I’m not Russ Whitney hating because I am already very successful with my own business, but I too am looking for multiply streams of income.

    I did pick up some very good nuggets of information that I’m sure I can use as an investor, but over all, the sales pressure begins to degrade the people who would not… or could not afford the “Advanced Training”…. and when you sit down and look at it, it’s a muli-level marketing ploy at it’s best! DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE HYPE…TAKE THE NUGGETS OF INFO AND USE YOUR MONEY TO INVEST IN REAL PROPERTY, NOT RUSS WHITNEY STOCK.

  60. CF says:

    For those who thought Whitney’s seminars were informative and legit, all I can say is there’s one born every minute. If you were absolutely clueless about Real Estate or Investment, just the fact that you learn something new and fantastic may be enough to legitimize the seminar in your mind. The seminars are like saying;

    “I can teach you to make $20 Million a year for the next 10 yrs being successful less than 4 out of 10 times…A.R. from Florida is doing it, D.J. from Michigan is doing it…That’s right, we’ll teach you how to be a major leauge baseball player just like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, and by hitting less than .400 major leauge teams will fall over each other to pay you $20 million a year…”.

    The above statement is true, they are doing it, their lifetime batting average is between .300-.333, but is it realistic??? Heck no! These semnars if anything stretches the truth and feed you the “gold fever” without the digging pricniples. All the stuff they tell you are mere highlights and over-simplification. You are only looking at the beauty of the moon without considering that the surface of the moon is inhospitable for life – you won’t last a second on the surface. Wake up people. A 3 day seminar isn’t going to signficatly change your life!!!.

    As for those putting down John T. Reed, this guy is a Harvard MBA and a graduate of the Military Academy at West Point. He is a columnist, and had been featured on 60-minutes expose on investment gurus as the voice of reason debunking a lot of unethical claims made by the gurus. If I had the patience, talent, and the time I would put up a similar website as J.T. Reed and exposed these people that make their millions off the naive public.

    My Experience with Teach Me to Trade.

    If I had known TMTT was owned by Russ Whitney, I would have steered clear from it. They strategically hide this association. First of all, I’m an experienced Trader who is always looking for ways to tweak my strategy. I read a lot of books on investing, have taken several advanced Finance and Accounting courses and I can tell you TMTT is 90% exaggeration/hype and 10% fact. What they teach you will wipe out a novice pretty quickly.

    The $199 class that they hyped up at the free seminar just turned out to be a 3 day seminar to promote the more expensive $20,000 – $30,000 seminar and mentoring packages. I knew something was up when there were 8 – 10 salespeople dressed like use car salesmen in cheap polyester suits lurking in the back of the room like vultures looking for fresh meat. At least 50% of the seminar time is spent hyping and setting you up to take the expensive seminar packages. They even encourage you the first day to call your credit card company, get a credit line increase and ask for lower interest rates. On day 2 the salespeople started pulling attendees aside one at a time to try to “close” them on the expensive seminar packages. By the end of the seminar they got to practically everyone. It looked like a good number of people signed up or at least bought the $2000 software. The following week I got a call from a “salesman” trying to close me on the packages again. I told them him what I earned investing last year, and that I thought the seminar was good (being polite) but some parts were hyped up and exaggerated. To my surprise he backed off and DIDN’T EVEN ATTEMPT TO SELL ME ANY PACKAGES. He ended a call by saying “oh…well, I just called to make sure you enjoyed it we’re always in the area so come again”. I guess he knew better, LOL.

    TMTT over exaggerates and hypes a lot of things. Where they cross the line is the outright lies. Here are some examples;

    The overly dramatic ‘my rags to riches’ stories and anectdotes by the Instructor (THEY ALL HAVE THE RAGS TO RICHES STORY DON’T THEY?) the aw-shucks-I’m-just-one of you-who was a poor-struggling-painter, but now with TMTT I’m a super-investor making hundreds of thousands a year. He said he’s wealthy and does seminars 3 days out of the month, gets paid over $100,000 per year doing it helping people acheive their dreams.

    The fantasitc goals that the Instructor said you attendees can acheive through the course: Buy our system and you can pay off all your debt in 2 years; Buy our system and you can quit your jobs and reitre in 3 years; Buy our system and you can become a generous philanthropist in 3 yrs

    Buy and hold investing is bad! No more buy and holds!(more on that in a bit)

    Shorting a stock is good! You should always short stocks using the TMTT system(shorting is pretty risky and can easily wipe out those who aren’t careful – even Warren Buffet don’t short stocks)

    Fire your borker they are clueless about investing and aren’t looking for your best interest (actually they are legally restricted to be stewards of your money, not gamblers of your money).

    Warren Buffet made his billions trading options (WRONG!! This is a blatant lie. He’s is a classic buy and hold investor, the very thing TMTT says is bad! Warren Buffet is actually against trading systems such as TMTT, he would tell you in the long run the market will wipe out these type traders. Warren Buffet averaged returns of 24%/yr. This compounded rate of return is enough to turn 100K to Billions in 30yrs).

    Unfortunately, this seminar will dupe a lot of novice and inexperienced investors who will buy into the hype. They appeal to those that are struggling through life looking for an easy way out. This is the same way Real Estate Investing was hyped 20 years ago. Now most of the gurus went broke or ended their careers with mountains of debt and legal problems. I doubt if the people who signed up for these classes will ever recover the money they spend on the seminar packages or ever make any money trading.

  61. ShanshanMD says:

    I just came from a three day Whitney seminar in VA, and put a down payment on the Wealth Intelligence Academy. Has anyone attended the adanced classes and had a good experience? The fact that I could get my masters degree for the same price as these classes makes me sick to my stomach, but I am willing to invest money to make money. If I work hard will this be a good investment? I need to decide in the next three days, so any info would be wonderful!!! Please emial me directly at

  62. Guy says:

    Stay away, Run as fast as you can, do some research if you must, but do it after you have ran as far as you can from rw

  63. Jewish guy says:

    Money in real estate can be made. But, it takes time. Russ Whitney’s materials might provide a few good ideas and it’s up to the individual to decide how to apply the ideas and make theme work. BUT, the truth of the matter is that the courses are WAY overpriced and, when it boils down to it, he and his team are just trying to con people out of their money. Run away from his antics and other similar gurus. The best foundation for an education is a college education. Financial courses are good and should be taken by legimate organizations and professionals and not cons like Whitney Education Group who hype people up on “thinking positively” and watering down the information with more hype and on top of that profess to make millions based on ideas that are just down-right illegal and fraudulent. Beware and be careful! Doing things the RIGHT way always proves to be the SMART way.

  64. Jewish guy says:

    As an addition to my previous comment… I happen to personally know a former independent contract speaker that used to speak at Whitney conferences trying to get people to sign up for more courses. Notice I say “former” — as of only a few weeks ago. He is a close friend Russ Whitney’s family (children and wife) and this person told me that Whitney Education Group professes to be helping people achieve their dreams but behind closed doors very shading things occur…so shady that WEG could easily go down if enough information is exposed. However, Russ Whitney is a multi-millionaire and taking on someone like that would not be easy. But, this all just goes to show you that shady people are out there prying on hopeful dreams. As I said before…beware and be careful! Doing things the RIGHT way always proves to be the SMART way.

  65. Gary says:

    I am trying to get a refund from Russ Whitney and have been told that my request has been denied. I have not given up yet but would appreciate information from anyone that can help. contact me at

  66. sacha says:

    I have just finished a Russ Whitney three day seminar in Dublin, with a speaker named Kevin. I got a lot out of the three days and is has given me several ideas of how to develop a property portfolio as part of my pension plan. My pensions advisor reminded me, that when I retire I need to be at least a millionaire to live comfortably. Which is a worry as I don’t have much of a pension at the moment. So the ideas and possibilities from the course are very welcomed and helpful.

  67. Anonymous says:

    John T. Reed is just another guy putting down someone else’s programs just to prop his own. I think the out of court settlement pretty much put Reed in his place.

  68. Buddy says:

    Whitney training is better when it costs less – a lot less ! Lease option advanced training available for a fraction of the retail price!

  69. JohnnyDee says:

    I took one of Whitney’s seminars, and it was GREAT! I took $1.50 and turned it into $100,000,000.00!! It’s totally true! Please believe me. Is anyone impressed? Will someone be my friend????

  70. TaKen o_0? says:

    My run down after taking the 3 day seminar in Canada. Please excuse the bad spelling though I am Canadian so my grammer and spelling will differ anyway. For those whome dislike canadian please look past that perseption I have written actual fact and In My Humble Opinion Seperate from each other.

    The ratio course run down 1/6 actual techniques, 3/6 stories and inspiration, and 2/6 selling further education.

    1.1st Day They tell you you cant record the training which is understandable. Your then told anybody that has so call negative opinions should not be here and not to express those opinions to your fellow attendies. From complaining about the temp of the room, to questioning the training given to you. And if you have any doubts do your partner a favor and leave the training is also what we were told.
    2. 1st day they get you to lower your credit card intrest which is good btw. They also show you to get some kind of retro credit for your yearly fee. Last they ask you to increase your Credit Card limit. Which benifits you and them, your just to happy to look at the big picture so you dont catch it first.
    3. During the 1st day training the idea that 30-50k is a fair amount you will need to start your realistate empire. They dont mention why just yet, they slip in the 30-50k worth of further educational training the second day.
    4. Any question that delve to deply or question the training are met with a semi hostile tone to make the trainnie feel like they did somthing wrong. They also use a type of bulling & guilty tone when speaking to you about why you need their further education why you will miss out in life if you dont.
    5. My freind who paid for the course and dragged me there tried asking some question, but was ingnored or told that further education would be better. Unfortunatly He went to the training session thinking he would get the info he needed as to whome he needs to contact to buy his first house and how to with the little money he has and bad credit. he was pissed is all I can say.
    If he would hve reserched the Whitney company before attending the seminar he would have saved his money. In all fairness the techniques seem plausible and the theory sound, unfortunatly they only give you just enough to keep you interisted in buying more tidbits of info.
    6. Another thing they sell is the mentores course which is you get personal one on one training by a n experianced and successfull studant to help you land your first deal 😉 oh and they mentions randomly about lawfirms and realstet companies owned or have deals with ;).

    IMHO – They seem to have a set plan on how to use you and your money to make them selves rich in realistate.

    1st – The Infomercial tidbits gets you to 1 day Infomercial seminar.
    2nd – 1 day seminar Tidbits get you to buy Books and posibly 3 day Training course.
    3rd – So called three day training course primes you up for the big cash courses w/mentor.
    4th – Bigger courses are probably just the same thing with the same ratio as above except they are longer 5-10 day which makes you think your getting more. If you take the single courses they probably try and convince you to take the higger cost longer courses with mentor.
    5th – Finaly the peist the resistance, you now have a mentor. Your pumped up and full positivity and education, and your personal coach.
    What could a mentore do hmm, first he show you how to make and close a deal which your paying him/her to do. The mentor succesfull does except he make the deal so good you want in on it. Of course they let you in on it for a fee of course which you wont know about. exmple mentore buys house for 100k that woth 110k sell it to you for 105k. They make 5k you get a great deal then now you can sell the hose for 110k and make 5k yourself. Sounds great doesnt it, the problam is your taught in the caurses to putt in offers before evan lokking at house with conditions to tranfer the deal to a second party. This allows the mentor to cut a great deal then get you pumped and then sells this great deal to you without you seeing the propery . Now you have a house that you havent looked at and a contract thats diff then the mentors so mostlikly you just baught house with the idea of reselling it just as quik as your Mentor.

    The problem with this trap is you just paid this company posibly 50k+ Canadian to help them buy you a house with your money and help them make money from your late night couch potatoed ass to the signing of the house purchase. Would’nt it have been cheaper to use that money for (In vancouver the down payments are about 40k to 60k to buy a 300k+ home) the house you actually wanted where you wanted it. Are you not still going to have to pay taxes, and the morgage, & possible interest. You still have to get a lawyer and a accountant to maximize your investment. Which is what Whitney recommends you do which of course they convinantly have there own lawyers you can go through.

  71. Penick says:

    judge shmendric I would like to get a hold of you, can you send me your email address. Would love to talk precon stuff.

  72. penick says:

    Sorry I should have addressed the previous post about precon to AnnDee .

  73. Mark Hilbrink says:

    Hi everybody,

    I just stumbled across John Reed’s site yesterday, and when checking him out, I found this site!

    Since the Ripoff Report IS an established site reporting EVERYONE who’s corrupt, shouldn’t we take THEIR word for it on things??? Just throwing this out there… comments?

    Mark H.

  74. Les Jones says:

    That “ripoff report” is a pretty blatant stiletto job.

    Read that link and ask yourself this: what improprieties are alleged? Other than the charge the he libelled Whitney, there’s nothing there. He says Reed’s books aren’t professionally printed and aren’t shipped UPS. So what? That’s hardly a ripoff.

  75. Mark Hilbrink says:

    Well, I can’t speak to the comment, as to how his books are produced. However, the site (and others, btw, which I will try to submit later; just do a thorough “Google” and you’ll find them — there’s two sides to every story!) had alot of other accusations/points that probably could(should?) be addressed. Not to mention just the general good point that he’s bashing other “gurus'” work while promoting his own. Sounds like a conflict of interest, if you ask me… especially since he’s setting himself up as a consumer advocate. He probably needs to make a choice betwen the two (RE guru himself, or advocate).

  76. NoScumbags says:

    I’m from Ft Myers FL where Whitney supposedly started. I remember seeing him interviewed in the 80’s and when asked how he thought his old teachers from school would view the successful Russ of today, his comment was “I really could care less what they think”. This took the interviewer (infomercial) by surprise and he stammered and tried to do damage control by saying “oh come on Russ I know you better than that and know you don’t mean that”. The way he said he didn’t really care was in a tone of voice of a street thug, I never forgot that.

    When I moved to Naples FL from Ohio in the late 80’s and was looking for employment, I read an ad that said something like….Professional types needed, great income, will train” and had a phone number that turned out to be in an old building downtown Ft Myers. I went thinking it was a job interview situation as it had been held out to be. When I got there it was in reality a recruiting seminar with cheap sleazy looking losers much as others on this site have described. I was dressed nicely so attracted their attention. At the end of the “interview” SEMINAR they asked people to pay hundreds (think it was $500) for the materials need to continue. WHAT?!!! Since when do you pay to be hired? It was a complete scam! When I asked who they were, one of them said “you’ve heard of Russ Whitney haven’t you”. I could not confirm they represented him or not but most likely so. What was the biggest joke was the SHILLS who jumped up and pulled out credit cards to buy the info….it was so ridiculously orchestrated anyone with a brain would realize they were in the midst of a scam. One guy told a salesman to stop blowing smoke and I swear he was about ready to punch the guy out. At that point I got up and walked out and one of them followed me to the elevators and blocked my entrance into it. He continued to try and sell me and said the clean cut professional look like myself was what they were looking for, I told him I didn’t PAY for a job. I raised my voice and was mad enough to have punched him out, but he looked like a drunk slug like others have said and was 3 times my size LOL.

    I’ve learned investing over 30 years from reading FREE information in newspapers and library books….NO ONE needs to spend more than 20 bucks for a decent book on basics to get started. There is no substitute for common sense, hard work, and spotting VALUE. Spotting value can only come through research, time, experience, and patience.

  77. Tim says:

    Hello, in the 3-day seminar, does the program teach you how to transfer a balance on a credit card to another one without having to pay a balance transfer fee. Also, do they teach how to pay the minimum payment with another credit card? If anyone knows, I’d like to know how. Thanks, Tim

  78. elisa says:

    This site is great because I couldn’t help but to laugh at the rubbish that you guys all have to say about these wonderful people. I believe that this Jones guy has all of you in his hands. How could you guys agree with someone who actually has the time to sit around and write negative things about some of the best people in life?
    From what I see most of you guys are quitters and you come here to express your feelings because you guys are scare to try it again. How could you let something like this get u so into it? And for those who u says that u already made a bunch of money what is up with that…?
    First of all I like to see those checks and second of all if you know that you are that great, then there’s no need to express yourself to the world, that’s call too cocky!!! If you think that you’re the greatest then why do you even bother in trusting in a person like Jones? Guys like Robert and Russ and them know that they are great and they don’t have the time to sit around and criticize their opponents or those that are going against them. Then why do you guys have the time to come to this site and get persuade by a loser?

    Tell me how many of you guys know this-
    “Consumers need to be aware that John T. Reed is the seller of Real Estate investment books and his sole way of selling these books is through his web site. He will not take phone, fax or mail order and will not issue refunds or allow returns.”
    done by a journalist….

  79. Forsi says:

    I just went to the Russ Whitney free 3 hour conference in Boca Raton, FL last week. I found out about it through a mailer that came that afternoon in the mail, giving me only 2 hours to make arrangements to go, and driving an hour out of my hometown. Whoever mailed out the tickets mailed them too late because if I had gotten it just 2 days earlier I could of gone to the location in my city, saving me an hour and a half of drive time due to rush hour congestion. This was my first clue that this organisation was unprofessional. Only 40 people attended, probably because of the late mailing, a friend of mine received her mailing late also and therefore couldn’t attend. The two young ladies at the back of the room were extremely thin and seemed well dressed. One was between 16 and 18 years old; yes, that young, and probably working for peanuts.
    The speaker, I dont know his name because I arrived late due to the long distance and traffic, was a white male, early 30’s with short dark brown hair and spoke so fast his words were running together. I could not understand what he was saying about 20 – 30% of the time due to words slurring into each other. There was no attempt at enunciation whatsoever. I mentioned this to the old man sitting next to me who said “yeah, Isn’t he great?” Please tell me what is so great about a public speaker that you cannot understand what he is saying? He also had this habit of continually wiping his upper lip and nose in an attempt to wipe his nose surreptiously. Being from South Florida, I immediately recognised this as the hallmarks of a cocaine user. Yes, I am saying that the presenter was on cocaine. After reading all the other comments about the Russ Whitney thugs that could use Detox and seem to be be substance users, now I have no doubt. He too gave a story about being a poor blue collar mechanic, but Russ Whitney changed his life, blah blah blah. When I asked him privately after the presentation how he became a public speaker for Russ, he said he took the classes and had the background for it because he had a Bachelors degree in communication. Gee, why would a guy making money as a mechanic go to college to get a degree in Communication and then go to Russ Whitney, buy a bunch of real estate like he said he did, then go on the road travelling and selling for Russ? That doesn’t compute.

    Well, I learned absolutely nothing from that experience because it was all sales pitch and examples. The 3 day course they were selling would cost you $1000.00 and that includes the MPAP program which normally sells for $199.00, and all 3 of his published books that you can get at a book store, plus a 3 book and CD set getting you started in real estate, plus all the real estate forms you will need plus you can bring a friend for free. One of his lines was, “if the $999 is a problem for you now, it will be a problem for you in the future’ which cleverly takes your mind off the question of “is this purchase worth it” to “can i afford it” to “can i afford not to”. Another sales tactic used which I have seen at the Trump Income freebie, the Marshall Sylver Millionaire Mind freebie, The freebie, is he turns of the projector, sits down on his stool, gets real quiet, and starts speaking very slowly about an emotional subject (his family and how he takes care of them and his child’s college education, and/or retirement oe his family, etc.) and goes on and on for what seems like an eternity in this mode. I guess this is supposed to speak to people’s emotional side and help close the sale. Frankly, every time I see this used I get irritated at having my time wasted with this splooge and angry at the attempted manipulation of my heart strings. Anyway, I am glad I found this site and learned the truth because despite everything I just mentioned I was hoping the books and tapes were worthwhile products. Glad I just saved a grand of after tax money.

    BTW, I knew an ex-con years ago and he told me something that stuck with me. He was very intelligent and a keen observer of human nature and he said if you look, you realise that the only men that ever wear mustaches (not goatees just plain old mustaches that are full like Russ’) are men who are either cops or have some asssociation with law enforcement or they are criminals, ex-criminals. so when I saw Russ with that bushy stache I wondered if he was one. Guess, the ex-con was right.

  80. Nick says:

    My wife and I attended a Wealth Intelligence Academy in Atlanta Ga, and was scammed for several thousand dollars from these people. When I tried to cancel what I had bought, I was told I was over the 3 day option, and cannot be refunded. They still send me emails to attend more classes.
    They tried to get us to go to the Costa Rica thing. It was pitched as a vacation trip with nice places to stay and we would be able to buy vacation investment properties there. We were never told it was THEIR properties for sale. ANOTHER scam.
    When we started looking on the web, and discovered all the bad news about Russ Whitney. We were shocked. I should have done this first. Shame on me!
    I lost a lot of money, and I do not care to go to any more classes, but I still see his info-mercials on late night TV with those two little sawed off midgets pitching the whole affair as a chance of a lifetime, buy real estate with no money down, blah blah. I am thinking about showing up at the “free events” with a few signs and blow the whole thing as a scam… and just see what happens. I would hope to make everyone leave, and embarress them – At least i would get a grin for my efforts. What could they do??

    They called my house as recently as last month still trying to get us into another ripoff class. They just will not quit!! I am into real estate, but I sure would like to have my money back so I could invest in more deals instead of flushing it down the Russ Whitney toilet.

    BTW – Banks WILL loan money on real estate, but ONLY if you can toss in at least 20%, later after some experience, maybe 15%. THAT’s the TRUTH.
    But there is no deals where you can borrow 100% of the loans you need – The banks are not stupid. It’s all a lie!!!
    I think there should be a class action lawsuit on this guy and his companies. I would sign up in a minute!!

  81. Steffanie says:

    Russ Whitney is being sued in IN.for 22,000.00 by the Attorney General, on my behalf.I also believe there might be a connection between him and my computer having all kinds of problems.

  82. Waqar says:

    I think this is one of the best sites Ive been 2 in ages. I went to one of these seminars by David Shamy who seems to be working closely with Robert Kiyosaki as part of the Rich Dad seminars in London. For 3 hours in a Heathrow Hotel, he woffled on about his family, his properties and how you can make money using his methods. This site and others have confirmed to me that this guy along with R Whitney are all scam artists and should all be put away. Most people dont have money to waste let along £499 for a 3day course. Even the FREE session costs you petrol money to get to and parking fee’s which some people cant afford aswell. I have learned however 1 important lesson, and its a lesson we all know but want to believe in something else. Hard Work is the only thing that will bring fortune and prosperity. If you work hard, save your money, invest in property, rent out rooms -= you will make some money. What you need to do therefore is to rinse and repeat, ie save the money you earn from the rental income and any other monies you can save and then buy another property. Eventually you will have enough sustainable income monthly to reduce the hrs you work, if not give up work. Remember the old adage, “Money makes more money”. Its true but you can be stupid either and just flaunt it. Remain humble as you are and work at it, as I said, you will reap the seeds you sow eventually – it may be 5 yrs, it may be 10 or 20 yrs depending on how long it takes to save money and purchasing property. It can be done – there is no need WASTING your money giving to these people who get rich. They get rich with YOUR MONEY, my money, OUR money.. so stop feeding their belly and put the money back in your pocket and work it.

  83. dee says:

    I purchased Whitney’s real estate note package. I really thought I could make some money. But what they don’t tell you is there is more information they want you to purchase. I spent $150.00 we didn’t have to spend, but I did as an investment in our future. That did it for me. I will buy another real estate get rich quick program again. What is so sad is they know people are out here struggling and looking for a way out, and someone just like myself will purchase the program.

  84. Carlo Felix says:

    Hi Les. I’m one of many burned by Russ Whitney and came to your site for help after searching google. Although your personal comments on Russ are several years old I’m hoping that your views have not changed because the world needs to know about the scams Russ Whitney is running. When I came to your site it took me about 5 minutes to notice that on the right hand side of the page are ads for “RICH DAD EDUCATION”. Do you know who they are? It’s Russ Whitney!!! He has “partnered” with Robert Kiyosaki but the reality is Robert just sold his name to Russ. If you go to ANY RICH DAD EDUCATION seminar it’s the Whitney Information Network running it like any other Russ Whitney seminar. They try to trick you into buying $10,000 to $60,000 packages. Please don’t support them. Robert Kiyosaki = Russ Whitney. BEWARE!!!!!

  85. Les Jones says:

    Carlo: those are Google AdSense ads. They display ads based on the content of the page, and the keywords advertisers have purchased. So since this page mentions real estate the ads are displaying things related to real estate investment. It’s one of the odd things that happens when you sell ads.

  86. Carlo Felix says:

    Les, thanks for the reply. I guess I should have figured this was the case. Anyways thanks.

  87. Joe Bee says:

    The noose is starting to tighten around Whitney’s neck. Three of his outside directors have resigned, the special independent investigator met with his chief stooge, Ron Simon last week and good ole Russ has agreed to be interviewed after initially declining. If you have complaints about Whitney, you should address them to Mr. Tom White at Wilmerhale’s Washington DC office. He is conducting the investigation for the Outside Directors. (202) 663-6000 is the number.

    Whitney is now also facing criminal charges in Costa Rica where some small investors stood up to him and forced him out of managing a hotel property. It appears there are some questions about whether the land under the hotel was transferred to another Whitney controlled entity without the knowledge, vote or permission of the investors. In true “Whitney vs John T Reed” style he has tried to intimidate them by suing them on trumped up counts in the the United States. He is so sleazy he actually hired a PR firm to promote the lawsuit. This is chronicalled in an article in the Costa Rica newspaper, The Tico Times where WIN’s PR firm in Florida admits to being hired by WIN to promote the lawsuit ! Can you imagine a U.S. public compnay hiring a PR firm to damage the reputations of WIN students who felt they were getting ripped off ? The latest rumor is that Whitney will flee to Costa Rica if he is forced out as CEO of WIN…but that isn’t likely if he faces criminal charges down there. They wouldn’t want him down there either and they could freeze his passport.

    Now is the time to contact Tom White at Wilmerhale if you have a specific beef about getting ripped off or bullied by Whitney.

  88. Joe Bee says:

    The noose is starting to tighten around Whitney’s neck. Three of his outside directors have resigned, the special independent investigator met with his chief stooge, Ron Simon last week and good ole Russ has agreed to be interviewed after initially declining. If you have complaints about Whitney, you should address them to Mr. Tom White at Wilmerhale’s Washington DC office. He is conducting the investigation for the Outside Directors. (202) 663-6000 is the number.

    Whitney is now also facing criminal charges in Costa Rica where some small investors stood up to him and forced him out of managing a hotel property. It appears there are some questions about whether the land under the hotel was transferred to another Whitney controlled entity without the knowledge, vote or permission of the investors. In true “Whitney vs John T Reed” style he has tried to intimidate them by suing them on trumped up counts in the the United States. He is so sleazy he actually hired a PR firm to promote the lawsuit. This is chronicalled in an article in the Costa Rica newspaper, The Tico Times where WIN’s PR firm in Florida admits to being hired by WIN to promote the lawsuit ! Can you imagine a U.S. public compnay hiring a PR firm to damage the reputations of WIN students who felt they were getting ripped off ? The latest rumor is that Whitney will flee to Costa Rica if he is forced out as CEO of WIN…but that isn’t likely if he faces criminal charges down there. They wouldn’t want him down there either and they could freeze his passport.

    Now is the time to contact Tom White at Wilmerhale if you have a specific beef about getting ripped off or bullied by Whitney.

  89. ATICO says:

    It ONLY gets better!!

    In addition, two of Whitney’s students from his classes are in financial problems as well. Whitney’s Rancho Monterey Project – spawned off another project which became Monterey Development Corp. Monterey Development being sued by owners of Med. Village Condos for mismangement and fraud along with their attorneys, and Whitney’s “mouthpiece” that manages Monterey Mangement Corp. It should be noted that Ron Simons sits on the board of Monterey Development along with a group of “patsy” Ticos.

    The “developers,” and I use this term lightly were students of Whitney’s and have successfully ripped off investors and left them holding the bag. They abandoned the project two years ago, hoping that the statute of limitations will run out before anyone can do anything. When they were confronted, their response is that they were under the “Whitney ether.” They pulled the same scam, transferring property without notification to the owners as well as in one case of selling an owner a condo – then the owner finding out that the title was for a condo that had not even been built.

    His other student started a development directly behind the Med Village project and has since gone into financial problems with several investors filing lawsuits.

    Both of his students are now facing both civil and criminal charges. They do not take too kindly to “gringos ripping off Tico’s or much less other “gringos.” These lawsuits have so many players that it reads like a movie cast!

    It appears they learned their lessons well! Bad apples do not fall too far away from the tree.

  90. Tracey K says:

    I thought this might help someone out

    Whitney Information cuts deal to make refunds
    By Tim Engstrom
    Originally posted on January 16, 2008

    The Whitney Information Network Inc. has entered into a compliance agreement with the Florida Attorney General’s Office to make refunds of up to $575,000, pay $150,000 in state legal fees and add disclaimers to its marketing.

    The agreement was “entered into without an admission or judicial determination that the Company violated any laws, rules or regulations,” according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The agreement closes the state investigation, which was first announced in 2005.

    Whitney, based in Cape Coral, offers seminars to customers on trading in real estate and on the stock market.

    The company also has made a contribution in the amount of $150,000 to the “Seniors vs. Crime Inc.’’ project for educational, investigative and crime prevention programs for the benefit of senior citizens and the community as a whole, in connection with the agreement.

    The company has also announced it is under investigation by federal authorities, but those investigations weren’t addressed in the filing.

    The company said it has already paid customer refunds of $580,000.

    Company founder Russ Whitney resigned from his chief executive position at the end of 2007, but remains chairman of the board and a leading shareholder of the company, which trades over the counter.


  91. athan says:

    My wife, who is underemployed just broke down and told me she maxed out several credit cards for a TMTT course to the tune of ~ $40,000. I never saw any statements having to carry on a real job everyday. She paid her own bills and made minimum payments. I want to sue these guys for taking advantage of her. Is there a class action lawsuit? I have not contacted them yet for a refund, it has been a couple of months i believe since she did it. I want revenge at all costs. Russ Whitney is a criminal and will get his. They should at least got permission from the husband before taking that money. We have two small kids and I am the provider.

  92. Steve says:

    The commercial has been running while I was on some blogs and those entries who suppport good ol’ John use the same word-for-word rhetoric as the commercial. “I really DID…(paraphrase John’s commercial)!!!!!” They are either employees making defensive rhetoric or desperate fools trying to justify forking over seminar money with the pamphlet in front of them.

    Beware! Are they marketed fools with just no guess or marketing ghouls with faux success?

  93. Jessica says:

    If anyone has any information about successfully retrieving a refund from Russ Whitney Intelligiance please contact me at . Its been almost a year and it had been a complete waste of money. I attended one of the courses in Dallas and cannot make it to any of the other courses because I dont have the finances to travel to them. I feel very stupid because the strain of cost on credit cards is ruining me, and I feel duped! If you have any information that could be helped feel free to email me. Thank you

  94. Richard says:

    This is a terrific site. Whitney is busy scamming in the UK (where I live), picking on the most vulnerable for his training. Really moving articles by Taken and Forsi.
    I lost $1,000 to Whitney.

  95. May 12, 2008 (Ont)

    International Fraud Investigation

    David J. Thornton, President, retired businessman, Ontario, Canada
    Chet Bowen, Vice-President, Retired Captain of Police, Louisiana, USA and
    Member Of The American Congress For Truth
    Michel J. Grenier, Secretary-treasurer, retired businessman, Quebec, Canada
    Patricia-Ann Allan-Newman, Director, retired businesswoman, Que. formerly of BC.
    Ashley Avila, Director, Practicing Paralegal Ontario Canada.

    The Canadian liable-phobic News media has finally done a story on crook Russ Whitney.

    dave – CBNow

  96. Ray Lerner says:

    BEWARE! John T. Reed is egotistical, heavily biased, and hasn’t invested in real estate in over a decade! Why would anyone want to learn from him? I used to buy his products and defend him, but no more after I lost money on his recommendation of Robert J. Abalos and his ‘Investing in Land’ book that John T. Reed regards so highly (supposedly). I bought the book – it’s crap. I bought Abalos’ magazine – got my money stolen from me. Abalos stole thousands of dollars from others who signed up and paid for his seminars. John T. Reed wouldn’t listen to people who were warning him about Abalos and his thefts. Now, come to find out, back in March Abalos was disbarred as an attorney in the State of Virginia for stealing a bunch of his customers’ money. John T. Reed knows all this but STILL recommends Robert Abalos and his book. BEWARE! John T. Reed is nutty! His rating page is simply to get him traffic to sell his own stuff. It has nothing to do with being accurate or to provide a fair and balanced opinion of other gurus. BEWARE!

  97. Bob Barber says:

    Jan 18, 2010
    Is there anything more recent than June 2008…I got had as well…did’nt know about this site. What is the latest on Whitney…any more recent news on this bunch???

  98. Brandie says:

    My husband and myself bought the courses(16,000) in courses.We started 5.5 years ago. But, we now own 14 homes. Without the training we would have never tried it. I’m thankful for the courses, you get out all you put in to it. Sorry for the loss that many people had, but for us it did and continues to work.

  99. razobint says:

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